Bitcoin has been “FLIPPED”! (And it’s not what you think) [Video]

Want to know how Bitcoin is being ‘flipped’ by Tether and why institutional crypto interest hasn’t been affected by Covid-19 pandemic? Then watch our latest weekly crypto review and learn this week’s juicy details of the crypto industry.

Become a Successful Trader: EXMO x Stellar Financial Trading Сourse

Let’s end this work week with some great news! We are excited to announce the launch of our new EXMO Financial Trading Сourse. The 5-module program is aimed at providing you with the necessary knowledge to make informed and effective trading decisions.

Withdrawal Commissions Update on EXMO

As a result of the ETH network suffering from excessive load, the withdrawal fees for ETH tokens may rise up to USD $30. If possible, we recommend postponing ETH token withdrawals at present.

A New Deposit Method for Visa and Mastercard Bank Cards

We are pleased to announce that a new deposit method for Visa and Mastercard cardholders has been added on EXMO. Replenishing your account has become even more convenient and fast.

Hacken (HAI) Won the EXMO Listing Vote

On August 21st, 2020, the third round of voting for being listed on EXMO ended. Thanks to all the project teams for their participation, and to everyone who voted and expressed an interest. Continue to read on for a  delightful surprise!

New Analytics Section on EXMO: Unrealized All Time PnL

As promised, we continue to improve the analytics block on EXMO so that you are able to analyze your trading decisions and check how effective they are. Today, we have introduced a new section: Analytics of Unrealized PnL of your portfolio and your assets.

Why Bitcoin & DeFi will Dominate The World! [Video]

Why did the biggest intelligence firm buy 21,000 BTC worth 250 million dollars? Will the popularity of Bitcoin and DeFi continue to grow? Find out in the latest weekly crypto news review by EXMO.

HAI vs. 4ART: Vote for a New Project to Be Listed on EXMO

New promising crypto projects. Total Pool worth 1 BTC. This and a lot more in the third round of voting for a new project to be listed on EXMO.

Commissions Update on EXMO

EXMO Tariff Policy Regulation Department keeps on refining tariffs. The latest update has affected Yandex Money, Qiwi and AdvCash payment systems.

Cardano (ADA) Transactions Recovery

Deposits and withdrawals function in the usual mode.

Integration of ONE Token on EXMO

Last week, the second round of voting for listing on EXMO ended, and the Harmony (ONE) project won.

Harmony Wins in the Voting for Listing on EXMO

ONE token (Harmony) has won in the second round of voting for the listing on EXMO. The currency will be added on the exchange and will be available for trading soon.

Has the next Crypto Bull Run already started? [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Learn why Ehthereum’s price has reached the record numbers in 2020 and how will it affect the crypto market.

Upcoming Cardano (ADA) Shelley Upgrade is On the Way

Please, take this circumstance into account when performing trading operations on the platform, and leave sufficient time to process deposits.

Tezos (XTZ) is Already on EXMO

Finally the long-awaited news! Tezos (XTZ) is now available for trading on EXMO.

Chiliz (CHZ): Soon on EXMO

We are about to add a new perspective crypto asset to the listing on EXMO!

Wirex Token Wins in the Voting for Listing on EXMO

Yesterday, on July 6, the first voting for the listing on our exchange successfully ended! Thanks to the WINk and the Wirex Token teams for their participation, and our users for their activity.

JST vs. ONE: Vote for the Next Coin to Be Listed on EXMO

You decide, we execute. A new vote to add a coin to the EXMO listing is officially open! This time, JUST (JST) and Harmony (ONE) will face off in the ring.

Ethereum – The Good News & The Bad News [Video]

Want to know where Ethereum is headed and how is it going to develop? Learn about the prospects of Ethereum and its possible pitfalls.

Will Bitcoin’s price DROP soon?! EXMO Weekly Crypto News Roundup [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Will Bitcoin price drop soon? How will stablecoins react? All the answers in the video below.