Bitcoin Pizza Day: what you can buy for 10,000 BTC in 2024

Every year, on 22nd May, crypto enthusiasts worldwide celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. Find out what you can buy today for 10,000 BTC.

What is bitcoin halving and how will it affect BTC’s price?

Roughly, once every four years, the Bitcoin network experiences a halving event. This event impacts the earnings of miners – those who generate new BTC – as well as the network’s inflation rate, issuance speed and the price of the leading cryptocurrency. Discover how halving will influence the crypto market and whether we should expect BTC to reach $100,000 after it.

EXMO Premium: how can you save on crypto trading fees?

Every cryptocurrency exchange charges a fee for trading, and is no exception. However, offers its traders an opportunity to reduce these fees. Want to know how? Find out from our article.

Cryptocurrencies under $10 worth buying in 2024

Following the bitcoin halving event scheduled for April 2024, experts anticipate a significant price increase in the crypto market. We’ve examined the coins that you can buy for under $10 and potentially see significant gains as asset prices rise.

EXMO Gift Card: how to give crypto as a present

EXMO Gift Card allows you to quickly and easily gift cryptocurrency, without any fees and additional payments. Simply generate the card in a few clicks, deposit crypto and give your loved ones a great gift.

How to trade crypto in a bull market

To trade successfully in a bullish market, it’s crucial to be aware of certain nuances — especially if you’re new to the world of crypto. In this article, we’ll go over 6 tips for trading effectively when asset prices are on the rise.

Unveiling the world of crypto ETFs: a guide to features and trading strategies with TradingView

Crypto ETFs have gained significant popularity in the financial markets, offering investors an efficient way to gain exposure to the crypto space. In this article, we will explore the key features of crypto ETFs and discuss how TradingView can be a valuable tool for conducting technical analysis and making informed investment decisions.

5 best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024

Which crypto to buy in 2024, or which coins to start with if you’re a newbie in the digital currencies world? Let’s consider 5 promising cryptos worth your attention this year.

Where to store crypto and how to create a bitcoin wallet in 2024

Choosing a reliable crypto wallet is the next crucial step after purchasing bitcoin. In this article, we will explore popular and secure methods of cryptocurrency storage.

Where and how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria

Wondering where and how to buy bitcoin in Nigeria? Look no further! We have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the ins and outs of purchasing BTC, USDT and other popular crypto assets. Use our valuable tips and insights for an enjoyable crypto trading experience!

3 tips on investing in crypto during inflation

Tired of rising prices while your salary remains unchanged? Fed up with working hard to save, only to see your money lose value a few months later? Believe us, we are tired of this too. Find out how you can preserve the value of your money and be more secure in the future by investing in cryptocurrencies. and Gearbox’s AMA recap: putting crypto to work with Earn

On 26th July 2023, we hosted an AMA session with our partner, Gearbox, a decentralised lending protocol. Thanks to their passive pools, you are now able to earn crypto rewards as part of our newly launched Earn program. Check out what went down during that chat – here’s the scoop!

How to buy crypto with a bank card

To make it easier for you to respond quickly to rapid changes in the crypto market, we’ve introduced the Buy Crypto feature. Thanks to this, you are now able to instantly purchase bitcoin, ether and other assets, using your bank card and without topping up your balance. Find out how to buy crypto just in a few clicks!’s Earn: how to get yield on your crypto

Imagine effortlessly getting substantial rewards while holding your favourite cryptos like BTC, ETH, stablecoins and others. With our newly launched Earn program, it’s now possible. Find out how to generate increased yield on your assets on!

How to use ChatGPT for crypto trading?

ChatGPT has made a real stir and proven to be a powerful tool for the financial industry. This advanced chatbot powered by OpenAI’s latest technology, can provide financial information, share opinions of renowned experts and much more. Find out how ChatGPT can help you trade crypto more efficiently.

Why is bitcoin so volatile?

Bitcoin has always been known for its high volatility, sometimes rising or dropping thousands of dollars within a couple of hours. But why does this happen? Find out what drives bitcoin’s dramatic price changes and whether it’s safe to buy the dip.

Discover the best TradingView tools for DYOR on always tries to empower traders with valuable insights and cutting-edge tools. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of DYOR and explore the best tools offered by TradingView. Get ready to enhance your trading strategies and make informed decisions like a pro!

Top crypto scams in 2023 and how to avoid them

Crypto scams are on the rise, with fraudsters becoming bolder in a bid to steal your hard-earned money. Don’t fall for their tricks! Read this article to learn more about popular types of crypto scams and how to stay safe.’s product release recap: main updates of the year

Be it a crypto winter or crypto boom, a bull rally or bear trend – no matter the market situation, we are continuously improving the functionality of our exchange. Discover’s most significant product updates and releases over the past year.

Solana vs NEAR Protocol: which one wins the crypto battle?

Similar but so different – it’s all about Solana and NEAR Protocol. Fast and cheap, both are designed to be Ethereum killers. But which one is a better investment? Read this article to find it out! We’ve compared blockchains’ technology, security, tokenomics and much more.

How we protect your funds on

News of the FTX bankruptcy and the troubles of other major companies have rocked the crypto market, leaving many traders worried about their holdings. On our exchange, the safety of your funds is always a priority. Find out how safety is guaranteed on