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Bringing smiles to kids: EXMO Save Ukraine held festive events for migrant children and orphans

In June, the EXMO Save Ukraine relief project organised two festive events for more than 300 children in the Mykolaiv region. From light-hearted games and competitions to puppet shows, sweets, and special gifts, we’ve done our utmost to help little Ukrainians plunge into a “peaceful life”.

EXMO Save Ukraine provides medical supplies and equipment for Ukrainian hospitals

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project continues to help Ukrainians requiring support during the war. Providing assistance to state hospitals is one of our core missions.

Escaping the war: how EXMO’s Save Ukraine helped nursing homes to relocate

Our relief project continues to support Ukrainians. Here is the story of how we helped four boarding houses for the elderly in the Kyiv region.

EXMO Save Ukraine donated ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project bought six ambulances and one fire engine for a total sum of $220,000 to help Ukrainian cities affected by war.