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EXMO Save Ukraine provides medical supplies and equipment for Ukrainian hospitals

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project continues to help Ukrainians requiring support during the war. Providing assistance to state hospitals is one of our core missions.

Currently, all hospitals and medical institutions in Ukraine are under extreme pressure, receiving patients from occupied territories, as well as providing care for victims of military operations.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, EXMO Save Ukraine relief project has been helping public hospitals in the city of Kyiv, the Kyiv region and other regions in Ukraine. The project has supported a number of hospitals including Vyshgorod Central District Polyclinic, Kyiv Maternity Hospital No. 5, Krasyliv District Hospital, Kyiv Psychiatric Hospital No. 1, Vyshneve City Hospital, Irpin City Centre of Primary Health Care and Kyiv City Clinical Hospital, among others.

Usually, the hospital management delivers the relief project’s volunteers a list of basic necessities required to provide patients with adequate treatment. The lists usually include medicines, medical equipment, as well as food and provisions. EXMO Save Ukraine is also focused on solving logistic issues, such as covering fuel costs.

An example of a request from a hospital.. Source:

Fuel for the Irpin Medical Centre

The Irpin City Centre of Primary Medical and Sanitary Care faced critical fuel demand issues due to hostilities in the region. The medical institution lacked funds to purchase fuel for ambulance vehicles and generators that would ensure uninterrupted medical care to patients.

Andriy Levkivskyi, the centre’s chief physician, contacted EXMO Save Ukraine. At his request, the relief project allocated UAH 272,000 to cover the hospital’s fuel needs.

Vein finder for children’s treatment department

At the beginning of September 2022, EXMO Save Ukraine’s team received a request from the Lubny Intensive Care Hospital. The hospital includes a children’s department, which currently accommodates about 34 patients, with twelve seriously ill and two orphaned babies among them. In most cases, these are children from refugee and migrant families who are in dire need of medical care.

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project promptly purchased and provided the hospital with a portable vein finder worth UAH 185,000. This device is of critical importance when rendering aid to children. It allows veins to be quickly and precisely displayed, which improves injection safety. Often, it is very difficult to find veins even in adults, so this is all the more critical for children.

EXMO Save Ukraine also supplied the children’s department with two aspirators, six oil heaters, lanterns, a microwave oven, children’s scales and all requested medicines worth a total of UAH 54,230.

The total amount of aid provided by the EXMO Save Ukraine relief project to the children’s department of Lubny Intensive Care Hospital amounted to UAH 239,233.

“EXMO Save Ukraine’s team accepts all requests that we have very seriously. We usually purchase everything ourselves and carefully select each needed item. When purchasing medical equipment, we first consult with specialists to make sure that the devices meet the needs of doctors,” said Elizaveta Vasylieva, a volunteer and an employee at EXMO.

Together we can achieve more

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project is organised by the EXMO crypto exchange team. The project’s team raises funds to provide humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. To date, EXMO Save Ukraine has raised a total of over $2,000,000, of which $1,000,000 is EXMO’s own donation, while the remaining sum of $1,038,872 was donated by the exchange’s partners and users.

We focus on the provision of medicines, purchase of goods, prompt delivery of food and basic necessities, making arrangements for logistics, food and accommodation for migrants, as well as short-term financial assistance to those affected by military hostilities. Every month, we process between 150 and 300 applications from various volunteer organisations and war victims. As of 1st October 2022, the amount of assistance provided by the EXMO Save Ukraine relief project exceeds $1,600,000. Visit our official website to make a crypto donation or contact us directly.