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300 Christmas gifts for Ukrainian children

EXMO Save Ukraine continues to help children who have suffered from the war. During this festive season, we’re going to give them warmth, love and, of course, sweets!

The EXMO Save Ukraine Team prepared 300 sweet gifts for children from different corners of Ukraine and wished them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Packages with treats reached 120 kids from the Kherson region and 110 from the Lubny Special School for orphans and children with special needs in the Poltava region.

Another 70 gifts were sent to the little ones who lost their parents during the war and the children of our defenders. Their sincere smiles and words of thanks give us the best motivation to continue doing good (not just during the holidays).

Multiplying support

The EXMO Save Ukraine Team expresses special thanks to the Epicentre National shopping centre network for their continuous support and providing additional discounts for the purchase of necessary items for our wards.

The Team joined forces to create the charitable project – EXMO Save Ukraine. In a year and a half of work, we provided support to doctors, rescuers, nursing homes, and ordinary citizens. Our current goal is to provide assistance to as many Ukrainian children affected by the war as possible.

By joining forces, we can do even more good deeds. To contribute to the project, make a cryptocurrency donation using the details on the EXMO Save Ukraine page.