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Tune in for The Conference.Exchanges DeFi.Edition with EXMO

EXMO will participate in the Conference.Exchanges DeFi.Edition that will be held online on the 05th of March 2021. Maria Stankevich, a Сhief Business Development Officer at EXMO, will deliver a keynote presentation, covering five predictions for the crypto market in 2021 to help you make smart investments.

Technical maintenance on March 4

The planned technical maintenance on the EXMO exchange will start on March 4 at 20:00 UTC. Both platform and API will be unavailable for approximately 1-2 hours.

Basic trading fee was reduced to 0.3%

Updated trading fees have come into effect on the EXMO exchange. Now, the basic trading fee is 0.3% and only 0.1% for Crypto/USDT and USDC/Crypto trading pairs.

EXMO reduces basic trading fee to 0.3%

Next Monday, on 01st March 2021, we will reduce the basic trading fee on EXMO to 0.3%, while for Crypto/USDT and USDC/Crypto pairs the basic fee will be set at 0.1%.

Withdrawal Commissions Update

The withdrawal commissions for ETH and USDT ERC-20 have decreased but BTC’s commissions have grown due to the excessive load on the network.

EXMO turns 7 today

Our exchange celebrates its seventh birthday today. Thank you for your support and input over these years.

Important: DDoS attack on EXMO

Please note that the EXMO exchange website is now under the DDoS attack. The servers are temporarily unavailable.

Partner Bank to be Closed on 16/02/2021

Please note that our partner bank will be closed on 16th February 2021 due to a holiday. Consider this when making transactions.

We burned 100 million EXM

As promised, 100 million EXM, a third of tokens in circulation, have just been burned!

EXMO burns a third of EXM tokens in circulation

Yes, you heard that right. Today, on February 12 at 15:00 UTC, 100 million EXM tokens will be burned – the company’s entire reserve and a third of all EXM in circulation.