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News recap: the crypto market is awaiting new driving factors

Whales resumed buying ETH after the FTX crash, New York banned certain crypto mining operations while El Salvador launched a National Bitcoin Office. Read our News recap to learn more about the main crypto events that happened between 24th November and 08th December 2022.

Trade ECS and take part in the 2,000 USDT prize pool contest

The eCredits project is launching a special contest to celebrate its listing on our exchange. Become a top ECS trader and win crypto!

eCredits (ECS) airdrop for most active EXMO.com traders

The eCredits project will hold a special airdrop to welcome it being listed on our exchange. The most active EXMO.com traders will receive free ECS.

Meet a new crypto: eCredits (ECS) listed on EXMO.com

Our platform will now support eCredits (ECS) – the currency for everyday use. Deposit, trade and hold ECS on EXMO.com!

SmartCash (SMART) and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) to be delisted on 30th December

EXMO.com will delist SmartCash and Bitcoin Vault next month. Coins deposits will be terminated today – 30th November, while trading and withdrawals will only be available until 30th December 2022.

News recap: crypto market attempts to get over the FTX crash

MicroStrategy will continue buying bitcoins, the EU wants to ban anonymous crypto transactions, while Cardano is set to launch its Djed stablecoin in 2023. Read our News recap to learn more about the main crypto events that happened between 10th and 24th November 2022.

Premium Black Friday: get up to 50% off and trade with zero fees

Thinking about what to buy on Black Friday? Grab discounts on EXMO Premium packages and trade commission-free!

Watch out for phishing: scammers have launched a fake EXMO website

We have found a scam site exmoa.com that unlawfully uses EXMO’s old logo. This website has nothing to do with EXMO.com and may lead to the theft of your personal data.

Our holiday, your gifts: $2,000 giveaway for EXM holders

Today, we mark the anniversary of EXMO Coin as, on 21st November 2019, trading with our native token first started. Over three years, EXMers have made more than 12 million EXM trades. Let’s celebrate this!

News recap: crypto market’s hunger games

FTX is on the verge of bankruptcy, XRP Ledger now supports NFTs, while Telegram username auctions have kicked off on the Fragment marketplace. Read our News recap to learn more about the main crypto events that happened between 28th October and 10th November 2022.