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Escaping the war: how EXMO’s Save Ukraine helped nursing homes to relocate

Our relief project continues to support Ukrainians. Here is the story of how we helped four boarding houses for the elderly in the Kyiv region.

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project is continuing to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. In addition to helping our medical professionals and firefighters, we are also taking care of and supporting the ‘Lyubov’ nursing homes, where 103 elderly people aged above 55, currently live.

Elderly people found themselves in a very difficult situation during the war since many are unable to take care of themselves and are in dire need of daily professional care, assistance and medicines.

How EXMO Save Ukraine helped nursing homes during wartime

In peacetime, the ‘Lyubov’ nursing homes were predominantly occupied by the residents of the Kyiv region. After the war started, they began to accept displaced elderly from the territories where active hostilities are taking place, in particular from Mariupol, as well as Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Many of them included less-abled people who suffer from age-related dementia.

During hostilities witnessed in the Kyiv region, the village of Vorzel, where one of the ‘Lyubov’ boarding houses is located, came under Russian attack and occupation. And with this came the necessity to urgently evacuate people to the Brovary district, find additional premises for their resettlement and ensure suitable medical and mental health care was available. The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project undertook the responsibility to address these issues. We financed the rent of the new house, paid for utilities and provided salaries for employees. Furthermore, we purchased a generator along with special equipment, medicines, wheelchairs, beds, mattresses, food and other basic necessities.

The total amount of financial assistance we have already provided to four ‘Lyubov’ houses in Vorzel, Brovary, Zazimya and Litky, is UAH 1,200,000.

“Thanks to EXMO Save Ukraine, elderly people are living in proper housing conditions, provided with sufficient medical care and balanced nutrition. Our management is immensely grateful to the EXMO relief project and its employees. Special thanks to EXMO employee and volunteer, Eleonora Zolotaryova, for her prompt response. The number of people who need help is continuously growing, so without the support of EXMO Save Ukraine, it would have been very difficult for us to provide the required assistance to such a large number of people,” commented Andriy Skovpen, Head of the ‘Lyubov’ boarding house for the elderly.

Stories of people affected by the war

Halyna Matkovska and her husband, Hennadiy, have been staying in the Litky boarding house since April 2022. Previously, the couple lived in the city of Bakhmut. But when their city came under heavy shelling, it obviously became barely possible to live in such conditions.

“Volunteers helped us evacuate and offered to stay at this boarding house. We were well received here. The living conditions are good, with comfortable beds and all basic necessities have been provided. We also enjoy the company of caring and qualified staff. We thank the management of the nursing home and the EXMO relief project for everything they do,” said Mrs. Matkovska.

Volodymyr Gryshenkov and his wife, Lidia, lived in Severodonetsk.

“My wife is bedridden and needs medical care. When hostilities started, we were forced to leave home. Later, we found out that our house was destroyed by bombs. We were helped to move out of the city and given shelter in this boarding house. We are truly grateful for all the support we received during this difficult time. Here, in the boarding house, my wife is cared for by medical staff. She is provided with her medicines and has everything she needs. Great respect to the people who took part in all this” noted Mr. Gryshenkov, while sharing his story.

Halyna was born in 1943 during World War II. Almost 80 years later, the war overtook her again in Mykolaiv, where she lived with her daughter.

“Due to health problems, I was unable to go abroad with my daughter. And we no longer have relatives whom we could ask for help. So, we contacted this boarding house, and I was impressed with the conditions and attitude here. I was provided with a mobility walker and everything else I needed. Thank you for your support! I can’t imagine what I would do if it weren’t for you,” commented Halyna in a moving manner.

Yuriy is 79 years of age. Before the war, he used to live in Kyiv.

“In March of this year, my daughters and grandchildren fled abroad because of Russian aggression. I didn’t want to leave my hometown, so I stayed in my house in Kyiv. However, without the help of my family, it became difficult for me to take care of myself. One of my daughters applied to this boarding house and I was accepted. I am thankful to the staff for their great attitude and all their support,” shared Yuriy.

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project continues to provide financial aid for the ‘Lyubov’ boarding houses because it now requires help more than ever before. You can also support ‘Lyubov’ and offer assistance by contacting the nursing homes’ Head, Andrii Skovpets, on his mobile at +38 099 158 28 81.

About EXMO’s Save Ukraine relief project

The EXMO Save Ukraine relief project is organised by the EXMO crypto exchange team. The project’s team raises funds to provide humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. To date, the initiative has raised a total of over $2,000,000, of which $1,000,000 is EXMO’s own donation, while the remaining sum of $1,038,872 was donated by the exchange’s partners and users.

We focus on the provision of medicines, purchase of goods, prompt delivery of food and basic necessities, making arrangements for logistics, food and accommodation for migrants, as well as short-term financial assistance to those affected by military hostilities. Every month we process between 150 and 300 applications from various volunteer organisations and war victims. As of 01st July 2022, the amount of assistance provided by the EXMO Save Ukraine relief project exceeds $1,300,000. Visit our official website to make a crypto donation or contact us directly.