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Bitcoin Pizza Day: what you can buy for 10,000 BTC in 2023

On 22nd May every year, crypto enthusiasts all around the world celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. Find out what you can buy today for 10,000 BTC.

Where to store crypto and how to create a bitcoin wallet in 2022

Choosing a reliable wallet is the next important step after buying bitcoin. In this article, we will discuss the most popular and secure cryptocurrency storage methods currently available.

How to buy crypto with GBP on EXMO

Find out how to legally buy crypto in the UK with British Pounds (GBP) and other fiat currencies on EXMO.

One year later: what has changed after the Bitcoin halving

A year ago, the third halving took place on the Bitcoin network. Learn how this event has affected the world’s largest cryptocurrency and what to expect from the next halving.

Fiat, BTC and BCH withdrawals/deposits are already available

Deposits and withdrawals for fiat currencies, BTC and BCH have already been enabled on the exchange. Reminder: trading commission for all pairs is 0% until December 31st, 2020.

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high

The day that each trader has been waiting for the last three years has finally arrived! Bitcoin has crashed previous ATH and is now worth over USD $20,000.

Why miners choose exchanges to withdraw cryptocurrencies?

Let’s take a closer look at why miners choose EXMO and other exchanges to cash cryptocurrencies. Learn about all the benefits.

How does an exchange differ from an exchanger?

The main functions of cryptocurrency exchanges that the exchanger does not have. Difference in exchange rates and commission. Reputation and security. List of cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

All you need to know about Bitcoin Gold: technical aspects, key differences and trading opportunities. How to buy and where to keep Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

Bitcoin vs Altcoin: Differences

Bitcoin and Altcoin technical aspects. Differences for miners, investors and traders. Scaling the network and expanding the functionality. Mining equipment and technologies.

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

The use of cryptocurrencies as an exchange medium for trading is one of the purposes of digital coins. With the development of the crypto market, digital money in many countries has acquired the status of an official means of payment.

What is the point of Bitcoin forks and when will be the next one?

Bitcoin is the unit of the first cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology. Strong security, decentralisation and effective verification of transactions before being added to the block have created Bitcoin’s reputation and popularity. The Blockchain distributed ledger keeps records of all network participants and transactions. Each new user downloads the full Blockchain (or the last part for light wallets) in order to use the cryptocurrency wallet.

How to find support and resistance levels

A complete guide for analysing the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using support and resistance levels. Find out how to identify levels and analyse further price movements.

Transactions in the BTC blockchain

General principles of making transactions in the BTC blockchain. Travel payment and speed. Ways to calculate the cost of an operation. Additional delays. Transfers via altcoins.

How to buy Bitcoin?

This article will guide you while choosing a secure intermediary with a profitable rate.

The Legal Status of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Countries in which cryptocurrencies are allowed and prohibited. An explanation of what Bitcoin is. Legal trading conditions. Work on a cryptocurrency exchange. The future of Bitcoin.

Tokenized Bitcoin reaches All Time Highs… and other crypto news! [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. We will tell you about Tokenized Bitcoin, why tech & finance CEOs flip flop their stance on Bitcoin, and of course about DeFi.

Bitcoin has been “FLIPPED”! (And it’s not what you think) [Video]

Want to know how Bitcoin is being ‘flipped’ by Tether and why institutional crypto interest hasn’t been affected by Covid-19 pandemic? Then watch our latest weekly crypto review and learn this week’s juicy details of the crypto industry.

Why Bitcoin & DeFi will Dominate The World! [Video]

Why did the biggest intelligence firm buy 21,000 BTC worth 250 million dollars? Will the popularity of Bitcoin and DeFi continue to grow? Find out in the latest weekly crypto news review by EXMO.

Will Bitcoin’s price DROP soon?! EXMO Weekly Crypto News Roundup [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Will Bitcoin price drop soon? How will stablecoins react? All the answers in the video below.

Wallet 2.0: Everything About Your Funds

EXMO is implementing the global redesign strategy of the exchange. We changed the verification module first, and now it’s the Wallet’s turn.

Why is Compound exploding in DeFi? $500 GIVEAWAY contest and more crypto news! [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Find out more about PayPal’s possible adoption of Bitcoin and the pitfalls of the mining industry.

Who is Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto?

Many people may wonder who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Probably the pseudonym belongs to more than one person. Whoever she or he is, the developer must be rich. He has mined several early blocks of bitcoin, by now he has about one million bitcoins.

Bitcoin and blockchain adoption rising noticeably… Here’s why! [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Learn about the rising popularity of crypto and blockchain.

Ethereum fees surpasses Bitcoin fees! Will the “feepening” lead to the flippening? [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. Find out more about Ethereum fees surpassing Bitcoin’s fees and a lot more in this video.

Warning! New rule: Maximum of two decimal places with BTC orders

From May 13, 2020, a new rule will apply on the EXMO exchange when placing prices in orders for some pairs with Bitcoin.

Attention! Changes in BTC Deposit Limits

Starting from 07:00 UTC on 10th June 2019, the new minimum limit for BTC Deposits will be set. The minimum BTC Deposit sum – 0.002 BTC*. Please consider this circumstance when making transactions!

How to buy Bitcoin with Rapid Transfer?

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has integrated another payment instrument – Rapid Transfer. It enables instant deposits in order to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

EXMO has listed a new cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Gold

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange opens up the additional opportunities for the active traders and informs on a listing of a new trendy cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold (BTG): BTG/BTC, BTG/USD.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has announced the listing of Bitcoin Gold.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has announced the listing of Bitcoin Gold.

Win 1 Bitcoin in EXMO New Year contest

Dear community! Every year EXMO is holding a New Year contest giving precious presents to its users. This year is also the case.

How to create and secure bitcoin-wallet?

Find out how to create bitcoin-wallet, what is the difference between different types of bitcoin-wallets, and what is the best one to choose for a beginner?