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Fiat, BTC and BCH withdrawals/deposits are already available

Deposits and withdrawals for fiat currencies, BTC and BCH have already been enabled on the exchange. Reminder: trading commission for all pairs is 0% until December 31st, 2020.


  • ETH deposits/withdrawals have been enabled (excluding USDT and ERC20 tokens).
  • ZEC deposits/withdrawals are also available.

There may be delays and temporary disconnection of withdrawals for these and other currencies.

Please note that you need to generate a new wallet address before depositing funds. Moreover, deposits made to the old wallet addresses will still be credited to your accounts.

As promised, we inform you about the next steps:

  • The withdrawal of fiat currencies is already available. The deposit of fiat currencies operates as usual.
  • Deposits and withdrawals of BTC and BCH have been enabled.
  • All individual user deposit wallets addresses have been updated. To get a relevant address, go to the Wallet section, select the currency for the deposit and click “Create wallet”.

Create BTC Wallet

  • We will start crediting deposits made from December 21st up until today, from Monday, December 28th, 2020.
  • Our goal is for all deposits to be successfully credited to your accounts. Therefore, for your individual case to be resolved contact our support team via email [email protected].
  • We also plan to enable ETH deposits/withdrawals today (excluding ERC20 tokens and USDT via ERC20).
  • Zero trading commission for all pairs (except for 5 pairs with stablecoins) have already been enabled.
  • Due to the increased security measures, delays in cryptocurrency withdrawal operations may occur. Short-term shutdowns of overloaded withdrawal directions are possible.
For miners! If you are unable to change your wallet address, contact our support team via email [email protected].

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Zero trading commission for all pairs on EXMO until December 31, 2020, 14:00 UTC.

See you at the exchange😉