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Warning! New rule: Maximum of two decimal places with BTC orders

From May 13, 2020, a new rule will apply on the EXMO exchange when placing prices in orders for some pairs with Bitcoin.

Starting from May 13th 2020, the EXMO exchange will have a new pricing rule for orders placed for some pairs with Bitcoin: BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, BTC / RUB, BTC / UAH, BTC / PLN, BTC / KZT, BTC / USDT. Traders can now use no more than 2 decimal places in the price.  

To test the update, we have already introduced a restriction on 2 pairs: BTC / GBP and BTC / TRY.

The following update is essential for users who work with the exchange through the API. While placing an order with more than 2 characters, an error will be displayed:

Error 50381: More than 2 decimal places are not permitted for pair BTC_USD

The operation will thus be cancelled. Be sure to modify your software to guarantee the correct functioning of the system.

To control the number of decimal places used in each pair in the API, the parameter “price precision” has been added to the “pair settings” method. Take this parameter into account when using the API. Starting from May 13th, the creation of orders with a higher number of decimal places in the pairs BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/RUB, BTC/UAH, BTC/PLN, BTC/KZT, BTC/USDT will lead to an error while creating an order.