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Wallet 2.0: Everything About Your Funds

EXMO is implementing the global redesign strategy of the exchange. We changed the verification module first, and now it’s the Wallet’s turn.

Кошелек 2.0

We at EXMO are implementing the global redesign strategy of the exchange: we are updating the sections step by step, making them more convenient, intuitive, and functional. We changed the verification module first, and now it’s the Wallet’s turn.

What’s New

To switch to a new design, click the corresponding button in the upper right corner on the Wallet page or follow this link.

EXMO finance

In the updated version, we divided the Wallet into functional pages: Balance, Transactions, Templates, Fees, Limits, and Analytics. Let’s talk about each of them in detail.


You will find a list of all available fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as ways to deposit and withdraw them. At the top right, you will find the estimated value of all funds in your account in the BTC and USD equivalent.

Wallet info


For your convenience, we have placed the history of deposits and withdrawals in a separate block. The date/time of the transaction, currency, status, and all additional information are now always at hand.


Save time by pre-creating the necessary templates for working on EXMO.

Wallet template


All information about cashback, trading commissions, and deposit/withdrawal commissions is now collected in one intuitive module. Remember that your personal trading commission depends on your cashback rate and trading volume: the more you trade, the lower the rate.


Limits for currency pairs are displayed here: commission, price, amount, quantity.


The analytic module is the major innovation at EXMO. Thanks to it, analyzing the portfolio, profit and loss became even more convenient. “Portfolio’s 7-day PnL” is the first available feature, but we will soon expand the analytical capabilities of the exchange.