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News recap: what’s in store for crypto prices following the halving event

Bitcoin halving was completed successfully; however, no sharp price movements followed. Analysts and traders are bracing for further cryptocurrency price drops by the end of spring. Check out the News recap to learn about the most important events in the crypto world between 11th and 24th April 2024.

Crypto market in numbers

Cryptocurrency market capitalisation has decreased for four weeks straight, dipping by 0.43% since 15th April. Chances are high that crypto prices will keep sliding. For BTC, hitting $60,000 is crucial, and if it slips below that mark, it’ll likely drag altcoins down further – some that are already at December 2023 levels.

Trading activity has taken a nosedive. Daily volumes are now in the $60-80 billion range, a 31% drop from March 2024. Many market players are waiting for the right market conditions to take effect.

The cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index is firmly in the “Greed” zone. It has settled into the November-January range, hovering between 57 and 72 points.

Cryptocurrency volatility has cooled off too. Since 15th April, BTC’s 30-day volatility index has slumped by 19.18%, from 2.45% to 1.98%. ETH has seen a similar drop of 18.26%, from 3.23% to 2.64%.

The Bitcoin halving event was successful: miners’ rewards dropped from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC per block, and the coin’s inflation rate is now down to 0.8% annually. However, there haven’t been any dramatic price moves in the crypto market since. Experts and traders are buzzing about bitcoin possibly dipping to $50,000. analysts adjusted their forecast accordingly and anticipate a break from $60,000 to the $57,000 – $58,000 range, followed by consolidation and a full-fledged uptrend in summer-autumn.

Many altcoins are already oversold, so the smart move for spot trading is to stack up at current levels and add to positions until spring’s end. Altseason could be right around the corner, but it’ll depend on bitcoin’s dominance dropping and its price stabilising.

Gainers (8th – 22nd April 2024)

Сoin Opening price 08.04, $ Opening price 22.04, $ Change
NEO 15.61 18.87 20.9%
TON 5.53 6.46 16.8%
QTUM 4.48 4.53 1.0%

Losers (8th – 22nd April 2024)

Coin Opening price 08.04, $ Opening price 22.04, $ Change
UNI 11.67 8.11 -30.5%
BCH 724.98 523.65 -27.8%
DEGEN 0.03617 0.0272 -24.8%
ZEC 29.56 23.87 -19.3%
CHZ 0.1519 0.1231 -18.9%

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Most traded coins (8th – 22nd April 2024)

Coin Trading volumes, $
USDT 136,237,412
BTC 37,093,626
DOGE 30,628,088
ETH 21,353,807
NEAR 10,533,925
ADA 9,403,998
GMT 7,522,466
LTC 7,378,879
SUI 7,057,962
LINK 6,126,784

Top crypto market driving factors

Overall сrypto market

▼ 12.04.2024 – Cryptocurrencies took a sharp dip due to the escalating conflict in the Middle East.

▲ 15.04.2024 – Hong Kong’s SEC greenlit applications from Bosera Capital, HashKey Capital, China Asset Management and Harvest Investment to launch bitcoin and ethereum spot ETFs.

▲ 18.04.2024 – Tether expanded its scope beyond stablecoins, introducing a new structure to build resilient financial systems for the future.

Bitcoin (BTC)

▼ 15.04.2024 – Post-halving, miners may offload bitcoins worth $5 billion. According to 10x Research, miner sell-offs could persist for 4-6 months.

▼ 15.04.2024 – Santiment data revealed the second-strongest profit-taking period in bitcoin’s history.

▲ 17.04.2024 – Bernstein predicts a post-halving bitcoin rally, with the price soaring to $150,000.

▼ 18.04.2024 – JPMorgan anticipates a bitcoin price decline post-halving.

▲ 20.04.2024 – Bitcoin’s halving event occurred, reducing miner rewards to 3.125 BTC per new block.

Ethereum (ETH)

▼ 17.04.2024 – Deribit analysts suggested a possible ethereum correction based on derivatives market data and risk reversal strategy indicators.

▲ 17.04.2024 – Exchanges witnessed half a billion ETH withdrawn between 15th and 19th April, the highest since February.

▲ 19.04.2024 – Ethereum’s blockchain reported a net profit of $365.46 million in Q1.

Ripple (XRP)

▲ 23.04.2024 – Ripple whales capitalised on XRP’s price drop from $0.62 to $0.41, purchasing over 31 million coins.

Solana (SOL)

▲ 12.04.2024 – Solana maintained its lead with 488,000 unique traders and 6.2 million NFT transactions over the past month.

▲ 15.04.2024 – Solana developers released update 1.17.31 for validators, aimed at easing blockchain congestion.

Toncoin (TON)

▲ 11.04.2024 – Toncoin (TON) prices surged past $7.6, marking a new all-time high. The asset’s value increased by roughly 50% over the past week, buoyed by announcements from The Open Network and Telegram.

▲ 16.04.2024 – TON introduced Memelandia, a cultural hub for community meme tokens, riding the meme coin wave.

▲ 19.04.2024 – USDT stablecoin was launched on the TON network.

▲ 23.04.2024 – Artemis data revealed a 100%+ increase in transactions on the TON network since mid-March.

Litecoin (LTC)

▲ 12.04.2024 – The number of long-term LTC holders surpassed 5 million.

Chainlink (LINK)

▲ 12.04.2024 – Chainlink’s team rolled out the Transporter bridge using their Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP).

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

▲ 11.04.2024 – NEAR initiated hiring AI engineers as part of its AI development strategy.

Uniswap (UNI)

▼ 12.04.2024 – Uniswap faced scrutiny and apprehension following reports of the SEC’s potential lawsuit against the exchange. news

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