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Profit with the most hyped coins: PEPE, FLOKI, WIF, DEGEN, SHIB and ENA are added to Earn!

Calling all crypto enthusiasts looking to maximise their digital asset portfolio! We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our ever-popular Earn program with the addition of several of the most talked-about tokens.

The Earn program enables you to receive regular passive yield by subscribing and supplying assets for a period of one month or more.

Starting today, you can boost your returns with a wider selection!

You can now unlock attractive yields on a range of in-demand cryptocurrencies, including:

🐸 Meme coin favourites: earn interest in the playful world of meme coins like Pepe (PEPE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Degen (DEGEN), Dogwifhat (WIF) and Floki Inu (FLOKI).

⭐ Emerging star: explore the potential of emerging cryptocurrencies with the ENA governance token, which is utilised on the Ethena network as part of the Ethereum decentralised application ecosystem.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the APYs you can expect compared to other popular crypto exchanges as of 15th April 2024. The comparison is made for programs with similar terms and conditions, such as simple Earn (not on-chain staking) with a lock period of 30 days or a flexible term if there is no fixed duration.

Ready to start earning? 👇

  1. Log in to your account or create one.
  2. Top up your balance with PEPE, FLOKI, WIF, DEGEN, SHIB or ENA or simply buy them via the Simple, Advanced Trade or the Buy Crypto section.
  3. If you don’t have any EXM in your balance, buy at least 90,000 EXM to get a higher Advanced rate.
  4. Go to the Earn page, select PEPE, FLOKI, WIF, DEGEN, SHIB or ENA in the list of assets, select the Basic, Standard or Advanced Earn subscription and click “Start”.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn passive income with your crypto assets.
Unlock the power of the Earn program today!

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