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Degen (DEGEN) now listed on trade one of the fastest-growing meme tokens!

We are thrilled to announce the listing of Degen (DEGEN) token on Degen introduces a unique points system that rewards users for posting quality content, bridging the gap between online contributions and real-world value. You can now trade it on with USDT and BTC!

Degen (DEGEN) is a revolutionary ERC-20 token that has been transforming the Farcaster ecosystem since its launch in January 2024.

Degen Chain, a cutting-edge Layer-3 blockchain, has been making waves since its recent launch. Situated atop Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Degen Chain, has quickly gained attention and traction in the crypto space.

Despite being just days old, the network has already seen over $100 million in transactional volumes, with thousands of contracts and tokens being floated. At its core, Degen Chain is designed to support the native DEGEN token, which has witnessed an impressive 500% surge in value since its inception.

Degen (DEGEN) is now available for deposits, withdrawals and trading with USDT and BTC.

What sets Degen Chain apart?

Degen Chain stands out as a Layer-3 blockchain tailored specifically for the DEGEN token. Unlike traditional blockchains, Layer 3 networks like Degen Chain are highly customisable and application-specific, focusing on executing specific tasks efficiently and securely. With its seamless integration with Base and innovative features, Degen Chain offers unparalleled opportunities for users and developers alike.

Join the Degen community today!

With approximately 37 billion tokens created at launch, Degen is committed to empowering its community. 70% of tokens are allocated for community use, while another 15% is dedicated to forming a liquidity pool. The remaining portion will support the development team, investors, and the broader ecosystem. Furthermore, with a planned 1% inflation rate starting in 2028, Degen continues to pave the way for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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