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Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high

The day that each trader has been waiting for the last three years has finally arrived! Bitcoin has crashed previous ATH and is now worth over USD $20,000.

New All time High Bitcoin

On December 17th, 2017, at 12:38:03 (UTC), the first BTC deal was made at the highest price on the EXMO exchange — USD $19,900. Till today… We have just captured a new BTC/USD deal with a new highest price that is over USD $20,000!

The BTC market cap value with an overwhelming USD $368 billion price tag has even beaten super giants such as Nvidia, Mastercard, JPMorgan, ICBC China, BAC USA and CCB China.

An increasing number of people have begun to view Bitcoin as a secure alternative to traditional fiat currencies. People who have been holding BTC for the last 3 years, had strong faith in the project, didn’t succumb to FOMO and sell during the lows are now counting their profits.

While sceptics argue that cryptocurrencies have no future, we’ll just wait for the next ATH of BTC!