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EXMO Premium: how can you save on crypto trading fees?

Every cryptocurrency exchange charges a fee for trading, and is no exception. However, offers its traders an opportunity to reduce these fees. Want to know how? Find out from our article.

Standard fees and limits on

The fee structure on is fixed and depends on trading activity much like on other cryptocurrency exchanges. The greater the trading volume per month, the lower the fee.

It’s worth noting that the standard fees on are generally more attractive than those of competitors. You start saving when your trading amount reaches $10,000, while minimum limits on other exchanges often hit $100,000 or even $1,000,000. Let’s delve into specific numbers below.

The table above lists fees for cryptocurrency pairs as of 9th April 2024. Lower fees are highlighted in green

A “Taker” is a trading participant who executes orders at the current market price. They take available orders from the order book (a list of orders) and instantly execute them.

A “Maker” is a trading participant who creates new orders in the order book at their price. Therefore, these orders enter the order book and remain there until another participant executes them.

With, you can make cryptocurrency trades even more cost-effective by reducing your trading fees. This can be achieved with the purchase of any EXMO Premium package.

What is EXMO Premium and its benefits?

EXMO Premium offers traders a fixed discount of up to 100% on all trading fees for a month. Four packages are available: Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Professional. Let’s explore the benefits you receive by choosing a specific package:

We mentioned earlier that the greater your monthly trading volume, the lower the fee. The table below illustrates how much the fee decreases based on trading volume, referring to this difference as the “standard fee discount”. Now, let’s compare standard fee discounts with those offered by different EXMO Premium packages:

In the table, EXMO Premium discounts differing from standard ones are highlighted in orange

With EXMO Premium, you are guaranteed to receive a fixed discount of up to 100% on all trading fees:

💰 regardless of your trading volume.
🪙 for all cryptocurrency pairs.

Furthermore, package prices start at just $1 in EXM, and for $10 in EXM, you receive a guaranteed discount of up to 45%!

How to use EXMO Premium?

Starting to save on trading fees is easy:

  1. Choose the most suitable EXMO Premium package based on your expected trading volume and desired discount on trading fees.
  2. Pay for the package using EXMO Coin (EXM), which can be purchased through the Buy Crypto section or Simple and Advanced Trading sections.
  3. Start trading immediately with reduced fees. Packages are valid for 30 days and can be automatically renewed.
EXMO Coin (EXM) is the ERC-20 standard exchange token of In addition to reducing trading fees, you can maximise your rewards as part of the Earn program and receive increased referral payments.

Start saving now – buy an EXMO Premium package!