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Safeguarding EXMers: how we’ve saved money of 2,500 traders

This week, we discovered that hackers leaked data related to our traders on the darknet. In just 15 minutes, we restricted access to the accounts to prevent theft of funds from wallets. Find out how the team ensured the safety of assets while increasing the digital literacy of their owners.

To ensure that our traders can trade, hold and stake with peace of mind, we are continuously working to enhance the protection of their funds. Various methods are employed to improve security, one of which includes Bug Bounty. As part of this program, we engage with traders and internet users to help us identify vulnerabilities on our platform.

Based on the results of the Bug Bounty, we found passwords of 2,500 traders posted on the darknet. Such leaks often occur due to malware being installed on the computers of users. More often, this is a result of downloading unlicensed software.

Despite the leak, the accounts were not compromised because our team was proactive.

We’ve restricted access to these accounts by sending affected traders instructions on how to recover and protect their passwords. If we didn’t take this step, the attackers could have used the data from the darknet, log into accounts and withdraw all fiat and crypto assets. Our team reacted lightning fast: only 15 minutes passed from the moment the leak was discovered to the accounts being restricted.

The safety of your funds is our priority. In order to achieve this, we’ve posted a detailed article on how to keep your crypto safe and sound. Our tips are not only useful for traders, but also for users of financial online services. Read the article and improve your digital literacy with!

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