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EXMO beefs up its security with Ledger Vault integration

EXMO has struck a partnership with Ledger Vault, a world-recognised leader in cryptocurrency wallet management solutions.

Ledger Vault intergration

As we’ve stressed many times, the safety of EXMO traders’ assets is our top priority. The Ledger Vault integration seeks to leverage our security infrastructure, adding extra protection to the withdrawal of funds.

Thanks to the Ledger Vault technology, we bring greater control over withdrawal requests with leveraged key generation and multi-authorisation capabilities. EXMO traders can now benefit from secure and smooth day-to-day withdrawal flows.

Ledger Vault was chosen for a reason. The solution boasts an impressive track record of zero lost funds. It was launched in 2018, specifically to address the security needs of digital asset businesses and has since led the way in the industry. With its battle-tested technology and impenetrable security protocols, Ledger Vault is by far the safest place to store crypto assets.

Hardly any wallet management service is trusted by so many banks, exchanges and hedge funds like Ledger Vault. We have no doubts that our robust partnership with Ledger Vault will help safeguard digital assets against fraud and theft.

Surf the ocean of crypto on EXMO, knowing that your funds are safe and secure.