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Security Incident Update 23/12/2020: Further Steps

Enabling of deposits and withdrawals for main cryptocurrencies is tentatively scheduled for 25th-26th December 2020. For crypto withdrawals, you will need to generate a new wallet address. Please note that deposits to old wallet addresses will not be credited!

UPD: All user deposits made after December 21st and up to the date of updating the addresses of deposit wallets in your accounts will be credited to your account. After we update the addresses of the deposit wallets, deposits will no longer be credited to the old addresses!

As it was reported earlier, on 21st December 2020, we detected that some amounts of BTC, XRP, ZEC, USDT, ETC and ETH were withdrawn to the personal addresses of hackers.

  • Our team is currently developing a new infrastructure for hot wallets. Since each blockchain needs a separate server, the process will take some time.
  • On 25th-26th December, we will enable deposits and withdrawals for main cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal of fiat funds will be restored approximately at the same time.
  • Cryptocurrencies will be connected alternately and we will provide notifications about each one. The easiest way of keeping track of updates is via push notifications of the EXMO app for iOS and Android. Therefore, if you haven’t yet tested our app, now’s the time to change that.

Once deposits and withdrawals are available, you will have to generate a new wallet address in the “Wallet” section of your account.

Our investigation is ongoing, and we are taking all necessary and precautionary measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
The EXMO Team