New Commission Changes on EXMO

Please note that the commission fees for AdvCash, Visa/MasterCard, and Payeer payment systems have changed. Learn the updated tariffs.

Competition Announcement by EXMO and SGR! The bumper prize is a MacBook!

Excellent news for all SGR holders. From 12th to 16th October, 2020, a competition will run where you can win a Macbook, iPhone or AirPods!

More Trading Opportunities on EXMO: Buy Crypto directly using your Bank Card via Simplex!

EXMO continues to add new trading features and offers even more options for direct purchase of cryptocurrency with a bank card. Now, traders will be able to purchase cryptocurrency via the Simplex service.

Commission Changes on EXMO

Attention! Commission fees for AdvCash deposits and withdrawals have been updated. Find out more about the new tariffs!

Commission Changes for RUB Withdrawals and Deposits

Attention! Commission fees for depositing and withdrawing RUB on the EXMO exchange have been updated. Find out more about the new tariffs!

Important Update: EX-CODE becomes unavailable for uncertified exchanges and gives way to EXMO Gift Card!

Starting from 01st, October, 2020, UTC+3, the EXMO exchange will disable the function of creating EX-CODE in fiat for non-certified online currency exchange resources. EXMO Gift Card will take place EX-CODE.

Withdrawal Commissions for ETH-Tokens have decreased!

Attention! Commissions for ETH withdrawals on the EXMO exchange have been reduced again! Learn about new tariffs!

EXMO Exchange Joins CryptoUK

As a UK-registered exchange, at EXMO we believe that transparency is the number-one condition for the development of the crypto industry. Our team fully supports initiatives aimed to popularize and strengthen crypto’s role in the global financial market.

Tokenized Bitcoin reaches All Time Highs… and other crypto news! [Video]

Weekly crypto news review by EXMO — this week’s juicy details of the crypto world. We will tell you about Tokenized Bitcoin, why tech & finance CEOs flip flop their stance on Bitcoin, and of course about DeFi.

IQeon (IQN): New Token to Be Listed

EXMO announces a new token on the exchange listing: IQeon (IQN). IQN deposits will be available on 24th September 2020, while the first trading pair — IQN/EXM will be launched on 29th September 29th, 2020.

Attention! Important EX-CODE Update

EXMO announces important changes in EX-CODEs. If you use EXMO codes, be sure to read this article.

Information on New Commission Changes

Another commissions update by EXMO Tariff Policy Regulation Department. This time, the changes affected the Visa/Mastercard, AdvCash and Payeer payment systems.

EXMO and Sögur Joint Telegram AMA Session with Charlie Shrem!

Sögur (SGR) has just been added to EXMO’s listing and it’s ready to amaze you! To tell you more about SGR, EXMO will host a joint Telegram AMA session with Ido Sadeh Man, Founder & Chairman of the Sögur Board, and Charlie Shrem, a well-known crypto advocate. Maria Stankevich, CBDO, will be a speaker representing EXMO.

Commissions for the Withdrawal of ETH Tokens Increased Again

Today, the ETH network experience excessive load again. We recommend postponing ETH token withdrawals at present.

PARSIQ (PRQ) will soon be available on EXMO

We are excited to announce that EXMO will soon add a new cryptocoin – the PARSIQ (PRQ) token. This promising crypto asset is expected to be available on the exchange at the beginning of October 2020.

Sögur (SGR) will soon be available on EXMO

We are constantly monitoring the crypto market and looking to add promising projects to our list. Today, we are delighted to announce a new crypto asset that is to be listed on the exchange soon – Sögur (SGR)! EXMO plans to add SGR to the listing on September 17, 2020, at 7 PM UTC. Do not miss it!

Commission Fee is Reduced

We are glad to announce that we’ve managed to reduce the fees for the ERC-20 tokens withdrawals.

Information on Commission Changes

Another commissions update by EXMO Tariff Policy Regulation Department. This time, the changes affected the Visa/Mastercard and Payeer payment systems.

New Analytics Tool on EXMO: Portfolio’s All-Time PnL

EXMO announces a new analytical tool – the all-time PnL of the portfolio and its assets. Analyze and improve the efficiency of your trading decisions using the Analytics block on EXMO.