EXM quarterly burn

The quarterly burn of EXMO Coin – the most profitable exchange token according to Cryptorank – will take place this Tuesday.

Planned transfer of frozen EXM tokens

Please note that a planned transfer of 1 billion frozen EXM to a more secure storage will take place soon.

4 million EXM burned

The largest quarterly EXM burn has taken place today.

Quarterly burn calculated: 4 million EXM to be burned

We did the math for our upcoming quarterly burning event and have planned to burn the total of 4,000,000 EXMO Coins equivalent to $370,000.

EXMO Coin hits ATH, quarterly burn tomorrow

The largest EXM quarterly burn in history will take place tomorrow and EXMO Coin’s price hit its all-time high.

We burned 100 million EXM

As promised, 100 million EXM, a third of tokens in circulation, have just been burned!

EXMO burns a third of EXM tokens in circulation

Yes, you heard that right. Today, on February 12 at 15:00 UTC, 100 million EXM tokens will be burned – the company’s entire reserve and a third of all EXM in circulation.

Final Quarterly EXM Burning: Completed

We burned 2, 217, 047.07 EXM during the final quarter of 2020.

EXMO Coin is now available on Uniswap

EXMO Coin expands to new markets and becomes available to even more traders! You can now exchange EXM Coin in the EXM/USDT pair on the DeFi liquidity platform, Uniswap.

EXMO Coin Is Now Available on Changelly

We are happy to inform you that EXMO partnered with Changelly. EXMO Coin is now available for exchange on this platform!

The Third Round of EXMO Coin IEO is Over. EXM Trading is Scheduled For November 21th

The third round of the EXMO Coin token sale ended on November 18, it was simultaneously held on EXMO and Livecoin exchanges. The total hardcap is 61 208 501 EXM (61 BTC equivalent).

The Final Round of EXMO Coin Token IEO is Scheduled for The 13th of November and Will Take Place on Several Platforms

The third and the final stage of EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering will take place on November 13, 2019. Tokensale will be held on several exchanges at the same time – including EXMO and Livecoin – with subsequent simultaneous listing on both sites.

EXMO Mobile App Launch And III Round of EXMO Coin IEO

The Third and Final EXMO Coin IEO Round will take place on the 13th November, 2019. We remind you that according to the projects roadmap, II and III stages of IEO are tied to the technical update of the platform.

EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering Will Take Plaсe On October 3. All The Participants Will Get 5% Discount

The Second Round of EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering will take place on October 3th at 2:00 p.m. UTC. The round will last for 3 days. Investors will be able to purchase tokens at a discount of 5% of the initial price. The total hard cap is 148 743 645 EXM (141 BTC in equivalent).

EXMO Launches Stop Orders and Announces IEO EXMO Coin Second Round

EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform announces Stop Orders Launch function. After the end of beta testing, this new functionality will be available starting from 3 October 2019.

EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The amount for sale during the EXMO Coin IEO is 425 BTC (447 058 823 EXM).