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EXMO Coin hits ATH, quarterly burn tomorrow

The largest EXM quarterly burn in history will take place tomorrow and EXMO Coin’s price hit its all-time high.

EXM burn

Quarterly EXM burn

As described in the whitepaper, every quarter, EXMO goes through a process where it burns EXM from Premium Cashback sales.

This time, the EXM burn will be the largest burning event in history, both in US dollar terms and the amount of EXM. The event is scheduled for 02nd April 2021, at 3:00 pm UTC.

How token burn event works:

Supply Decrease + Demand Increase = Price Growth

EXM price hits new all-time high

Recently EXMO Coin showed an impressive increase not only in its dollar value, but also in bitcoin. From the beginning of 2021, it increased from $0.0034 to its ATH of $0.089 — a 2500% increase in three months.

In terms of the EXM rate to BTC, at its maximum price, EXM could offer a 59% ROI from the IEO price. Since then, bitcoin itself has surged from $9,000 to over $58,000, which is over a 500% increase. The math shows that this year EXM made greater growth than BTC.

Moreover, in March, the EXMO Coin became the fastest-growing exchange token having added almost 1000% in price.