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EXM fun month: сelebrating EXMO Coin’s Birthday

EXMO Coin turns two on 21st November – the date when the first open market EXM transaction was made! But we have decided that one day is not enough to celebrate EXM’s anniversary and therefore we will celebrate it for a whole month. Read about all the festive activities we have planned for you throughout November.

To mark the 2nd anniversary of EXMO’s native token, we have added new unique achievements that can be unlocked only in November. Start collecting them now and take part in the special prize draw. We will also airdrop EXMO Coin among all its holders.

2021 EXM prize fest: unlock new achievements and win cool prizes

In celebration of EXM’s birthday, we have launched three new achievements: 2021 EXMfest Pass, 2021 EXMfest VIP and 2021 EXMfest Insider. To unlock them and participate in the prize draw, you only need to complete a few simple actions between 1st and 30th November.

2021 EXMfest Pass

Hold 4,000 EXM for two weeks during November 2021 to take part in the prize draw. At the end of this term, we will randomly select 50 traders who will receive awesome EXMO T-shirts.

2021 EXMfest VIP

To participate in the prize contest, hold 8,000 EXM for two weeks between 1st and 30th November. After the end of the contest, we will randomly select 50 holders, each of whom will receive 1,000 EXM in their account.

2021 EXMfest Insider

Hold 15,000 EXM for two weeks in November 2021. By the end of the prize draw, we will randomly select 5 participants and give 10,000 EXM to each of them.

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Additional requirements:

  • To be able to take part in prize draws, buy the required amount of EXM by 16th November 2021 so that you have enough time to fulfil the Achievement conditions.
  • You can unlock several achievements at a time. For instance, if you are holding 15,000 EXM, you will collect all three achievements at once and automatically participate in all three prize draws.
  • If you have had enough EXM in your account before the start of the activities, you can also unlock achievements and take part in our draws.

Participate in EXMO Coin birthday airdrop

We have also planned a special fest activity on EXMO Coin’s birthday. On Monday, 22nd November, we will take a snapshot of EXM balances and distribute 40,000 EXM.

We will give 200 EXM tokens to 200 random users holding at least 1,000 EXM in their accounts.


Additional ЕХМO Coins for the next quarterly burn

To make the next quarterly EXM burn even more efficient, we have decided to burn all EXM received as commissions for EXM trading in November along with other EXMO Сoins.

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The entire prize pool on offer is bought by EXMO from the order books so as not to add new EXMO coins in the market.

Stay tuned as these are not the only activities we have planned for this month! Join EXM fun month – celebrate EXMO Coin’s birthday with us!