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EXMO burns a third of EXM tokens in circulation

Yes, you heard that right. Today, on February 12 at 15:00 UTC, 100 million EXM tokens will be burned – the company’s entire reserve and a third of all EXM in circulation.

A little math. There are 1,327,725,815.07 EXM in total. No more, no less. Additional emission is impossible.

One billion EXMO coins are blocked by a smart contract for the next year and a half. The remaining 327,725,815.07 EXM is the current number of tokens in circulation.

We made the decision to burn all of EXMO’s personal reserves 100 million EXM. One-third of all tokens in circulation.

Every trader knows how it works.

Supply Decrease + Demand Increase = Price Growth

No external flows in the market. Only fair market supply and demand.

There’s no need to explain the importance of this event, the numbers speak for themselves. Just do the math🔥