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EXMfest achievements: contest results

EXM fun month is over! The names of the lucky ones who unlocked EXMfest achievements and won unique prizes are already known.


In November, we celebrated EXMO Coin’s birthday. You could unlock three unique achievements and take part in our prize draws.

We want to thank all participants for being so active in celebrating EXM’s anniversary!

According to the terms and conditions of the contest, we have randomly selected winners among all participants who unlocked EXMfest achievements and will give them special prizes.

2021 EXMfest insider

We are pleased to announce the names of 5 lucky holders who received 10,000 EXM each in their account:

  • E … ks
  • Eis… ..01
  • ERak… .07
  • EER … 53
  • Es … ik

2021 EXMfest VIP

We have also randomly selected 50 traders who have been credited with 1,000 EXM each. We will also congratulate all the winners via private messages.

2021 EXMfest pass

And finally, we have also selected 50 participants who will receive unique EXMO T-shirts. We will contact all winners via private messages, so please check your inbox.

Congratulations to all the winners! We wish you successful trading on the EXMO exchange!