Contests & Events

EXMO history NFT collection: charity sale to support Ukraine

On 24th February 2022, EXMO turned eight years old. For this occasion, we planned many festive activities but had to cancel them. On 24th February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and there was no question of celebrating the occasion. Today, we’re reintroducing some of these activities for a charitable purpose.

EXMO entered the top 20 crypto exchanges in the world

In April 2022, EXMO ranked among the top 20 best crypto exchanges, according to the Cryptocompare website.

Chance to partner up with a Gаmbit Esports player and win money prize

Support Gаmbit Esports with EXMO — get the chance to personally team up with players and also win up to 10,000 EXM.

Results of Valentine’s Day contest

We are pleased to announce the names of the three traders who won an EXMO Gift Card worth $100.

Valentine’s Day: a great gift idea with the future in mind

If you are looking for useful and practical gifts for your loved one, then EXMO Gift Card is the way to go. Such a gift is sure to delight and surprise them not simply now but also in the future.

Join Synopsis 2022 with EXMO

EXMO will join Synopsis 2022 – a leading DeFi and blockchain summit that will be held between 27th and 29th January 2022. Maria Stankevich, Chief Business Development Officer at EXMO, will host the event, as well as cover the major crypto trends of 2022.

Results of the EXMO merch design contest

The EXMO merch design contest is now over. We are pleased to announce the name of the participant whose merch design has been considered best.

Festive EXM: trade on New Year’s Eve and win a prize

Trade EXMO Coin (EXM) on 1st January 2022 from 00:00 to 12:00 UTC and receive valuable gifts.

Start the new year with friends: EXMO gives presents to new traders

From 31st December 2021 to 14th January 2022, send your friends a referral link and give each of them the opportunity to receive 10 USDT.

EXMO merch design contest

Starting from 24th December 2021, we are running a contest for the most creative EXMO traders. Submit your own EXMO merch design and win cool prizes.

Results of the GMT contest with a $10,000 prize pool

The GMT contest is over. We are pleased to announce the names of top GMT traders who have won prizes with money.

Achievements on EXMO: don’t miss your chance to win prizes

Two out of five traders have already collected 50 achievements on EXMO and received the EXMO merch pack along with the EXMO Premium Pro package. Seize this great opportunity to win cool prizes!

Best EXM-memes selected: contest results

EXMO Coin’s (EXM) Birthday Meme Contest is over. We are pleased to announce the names of participants whose memes have been considered best.

Trade GMT and participate in a contest with a $10,000 prize pool

Today we are launching trading in GMT pairs along with a special contest where you can become a top GMT trader and win great prizes with money!

Trader’s Black Friday: 0% fee in all pairs

This Friday, 26th November, trade any pair on EXMO with a zero fee.

Join EXMO meme contest and win up to $300

Crypto meme lovers, we have decided to celebrate EXMO Coin’s (EXM) 2-year anniversary by launching a special giveaway.

Hurry! Collect EXMfest achievements in November

Buy EXM tokens no later than 16th November to unlock three unique achievements and take part in our prize draws.

ROOBEE on EXMO: final results of the contest with Apple prizes

Good news for EXMO traders! Today we are launching a Roobee contest, where you can win both Apple gadgets and ROOBEE tokens. We’ve also added a new ROOBEE/USDT pair that’s already available for trading on our exchange!

Join Blockchain Life 2021 with EXMO

EXMO will join Blockchain Life 2021 – an international blockchain and cryptocurrency forum that will take place in Moscow between 26-27th October 2021. Maria Stankevich, Chief Business Development Officer at EXMO, will provide insights on how to make crypto investing profitable.

ROOBEE/USDT and contest with Apple prizes soon on EXMO

Exciting news for EXMO traders — next week, we will add a new trading pair – ROOBEE/USDT and launch a contest with prizes from Apple!