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Rewarding the most active ECS traders

The eCredits project trading competition has ended. We are pleased to announce the names of the top traders who will be rewarded for their trading activity.

esc contest

According to the terms of the contest, the four eCredits (ECS) traders with the highest trading volume will share the prize of 2,500 USDT. We also randomly selected five traders from the top 25 who will receive 100 USDT each.

  • Top 5 – tra……uah receives 1,000 USDT
  • Top 10 – Do….88, d….nk and Le…k receive 500 USDT each
  • Top 25 – t….00, Bo….UA, ta….la, ego…..are and Da…..ase receive 100 USDT each
We congratulate the most active ECS traders and thank everyone who took part in the contest. We wish everyone successful trading on!