Terms of Initial Exchange Offering of EXMO Coin

By participating in the IEO, you agree to be bound by these Terms and the User Agreement and in cases of any discrepancies between these Terms and the User Agreement, these Terms shall prevail until the Transaction Date and the User Agreement shall prevail from the Transaction Date.

Details on EXMO Coin (EXM) IEO. Purchase Coins With a 10% Discount

The first round of the EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering starts on August 1, 2:00 p.m. UTC, and will last for 3 days. Investors will be able to purchase tokens with a discount of 10% of the original price. The total hard cap is 157 022 513 EXM (141 BTC equivalent).

The Closed EXMO Coin Pre-Sale Round is Over: 300 BTC Were Collected

The EXMO Coin Closed Pre-Sale round is completed, investors bought out 352,941,177 EXM (300 BTC equivalent).

EXMO Is Holding an IEO of The Internal EXMO Coin (EXM) Token

The first round of EXMO Coin Sales will be held on August 1, at 2 p.m. (UTC), as a part of the Initial Exchange Offering of the EXM token.

The Second Round of EXMO Coin IEO is Over

The Second Round of EXMO Coin Public Sale finished on 6th October at 2 p.m. UTC. Investors bought out 65 123 032 EXM tokens.

EXMO Token Closed Pre-Sale is Now Live!

EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform announces the closed pre-sale round of EXMO Coin (EXM). During the closed sale all the early investors will have a special discount of 15%, as well as the ability to earn 5% profit of the attracted client’s transaction amount.

EXMO Announces Its Native Token EXMO Coin

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange announces the launch of its own token EXMO Coin (EXM). The platform’s team involved best cryptocurrency industry practices into the EXM business model.

Sumsub and EXMO Partner for Better Customer Onboarding and Swift KYC

EXMO, major сryptocurrency exchange for traders, announced a partnership with Sumsub, experts in identity verification and compliance, to enhance digital identity verification and customer onboarding for their clients.

The new listing on EXMO: an Exclusive pairs with Decred TOP-cryptocurrency

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added Decred (DCR) cryptocurrency to its listing. Users of the platform are now able to trade in the following pairs: DCR/BTC, DCR/RUB, DCR/UAH. Start of the Trade: 18 of June, on 6 p.m. (UTC).

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of ROOBEE Token. Hurry up! Tokensale in progress.

Roobee is a service that gives easy access to the world of investment for everyone. Create your investment portfolio in a few minutes using the artificial intelligence of Roobee.

Some New Features of The “Trade” Page

EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange is happy to present some new features of the updated “Trade” Page.

The Second IEO on EXMO: ROOBEE Platform That Has Already Attracted Millions of Investment From World-Famous Crypto Whales!

EXMO cryptocurrency platform announces the launch of a new Initial Exchange Offering. The ROOBEE Tokensale from the Roobee investment platform starts on June 4 at 12 p.m. UTC.

Terms of sale of ROOBEE tokens

These Terms and the User Agreement shall govern your legal relations with EXMO for the purposes of participation in the Initial Exchange Offering (the IEO) of Roobee coin.

EXMO joined the initiative of CoinMarketCap: «Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance»

EXMO cryptocurrency platform became a part of the initiative of CoinMarketCap “Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance” (DATA).

Decred (DCR) Top Cryptocurrency is Soon Available on EXMO

The EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is expanding its list of accessible trading instruments for active traders and announces the addition of the Decred (DCR) cryptocurrency to its listing. The listing is scheduled for May 2019.

Personalized EX-CODES on EXMO

Today we will tell you about a personalized EX-CODE that will let you securely exchange funds with other EXMO users.

Planned API Maintenance

The planned technical maintenance on setting up the API will start on April 24 at 18:00 UTC.

The New Listing – ATMСash is Available on EXMO

On the 15th of April the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added ATMСash (ATMCASH) cryptocurrency to its listing. Users of the platform are now able to trade in the following pairs ATMCASH/BTC.

Watch out! Beware of Fakes!

Recently, the number of fake EXMO exchange accounts has increased, and they are full of fake contests and prizes draw.

Changes in EXMO API Requests

Starting from April 10, 2019, we change the validation of the input parameters when querying the EXMO API.