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Achievements on EXMO: first winners

Congratulations to the first trader who has collected 50 achievements on EXMO and won the EXMO merch pack along with the EXMO Premium Pro package for 3 months. Trade actively, unlock achievements and win prizes!

Achievements winners

Recently, we launched a new section called “Achievements” where you can get unique badges for being active on EXMO. More than 30 traders have already unlocked 30 achievements and received the EXMO Premium Advanced package.

Today, we are happy to announce the name of the most active trader, who was the first to collect 50 achievements on EXMO. As a reward, dm****kh receives the awesome merch pack and the EXMO Premium Pro package with a 100% fee discount on Maker trades and a 66% fee discount on Taker trades.
EXMO merch pack EXMO Premium Advanced

We remind you that prizes are awarded to the first 5 users who unlocked 50 achievements and the first 50 users who collected 30 achievements. Hurry up – you can also be one of the lucky ones!

To see how many achievements you have already collected, simply go to the “Achievements” section on the EXMO website or to the More tab in your mobile app.

Don’t miss your chance to win cool prizes! Plunge yourself into the fascinating world of trading, trade even more actively and gather the entire collection of achievements on EXMO.

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