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The Updated User Agreement from 25 of November 2019

New updates in the EXMO’s User Agreement. The updates will take effect from the date specified when they occur.

EXMO обновления

Dear users,

The “User agreement” on the EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform has been updated. The changes affected the next paragraphs:

  1. The legal form of the company has changed from LLP to LTD, where the EXMO EXCHANGE LTD is a legal entity registered in accordance with the laws of England and Wales under registration number 11655602, and situated at 41 Corsham St, Office 0.044, London, United Kingdom, N1 6DR.
  2. Paragraph 2.2.2. is updated: the section describes the list of jurisdictions, as well as the categories of certain persons whom the company does not provide its services to.

We’ve defined the list of “Sanctioned Country”, and the concept of “Sanctioned person”.

  1. The 4th section is updated: “Account”, which was supplemented with paragraph 4.6 “Inactive Account Fee”, the meaning of “Inactive Account” was added with the rules of paying fees.
  2. The 6th section is updated: “TYPES OF ORDERS” – main concepts and “Stop Orders” functioning rules are defined.

The updated User Agreement is available here.