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Websocket API is already on EXMO

Great news for users who trade on EXMO through the API! We added Websocket.


What is Websocket API

WebSocket API is the technology that allows you to open a real-time two-way communication session between the user’s software and the server.

The EXMO Websocket API consists of public and authenticated methods.

Public API

Due to these methods, you receive the following market data in real-time without authorization on the exchange:

  • Trades – data on all states of orders since subscription time
  • Ticker – info on any market changes in the trading pair (order completion, buy/sell price change)
  • Order book changes – data on the top-25 positions and top-400 changes in the order book

Authenticated API

This group allows authorized traders to get information on the transactions, changes in wallets and in orders in real-time:

  • User trades – data on all trades associated with the user
  • Wallet changes – data on any changes in the wallet balance (deposits, withdrawals, funds reservation in orders, balances changes resulting after transactions)
  • Orders changes – data on all user’s limit and stop orders

How to connect Websocket API

For you to connect easily, we have prepared ready-made code for the following languages:

Please find more detailed information about the update in the official documentation on Postman.

Websocket API Documentation