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What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

All you need to know about Bitcoin Gold: technical aspects, key differences and trading opportunities. How to buy and where to keep Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

What is the point of Bitcoin forks and when will be the next one?

Bitcoin is the unit of the first cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology. Strong security, decentralisation and effective verification of transactions before being added to the block have created Bitcoin’s reputation and popularity. The Blockchain distributed ledger keeps records of all network participants and transactions. Each new user downloads the full Blockchain (or the last part for light wallets) in order to use the cryptocurrency wallet.

EXMO and Bitcoin Gold Have Signed The Agreement About The Cryptomarket Development

Co-founder EXMO Ivan Petukhovsky and co-founder of Bitcoin Gold Martin Kuvandzhiev have signed the agreement on the 11th of August at Geek Picnic that took part in Moscow.