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Welcome to The Upgraded “Trade” Page

The Cryptocurrency Exchange EXMO presents the upgraded “Trade” Page.

The Cryptocurrency Exchange EXMO presents the upgraded “Trade” Page.

We are pleased to provide our users with an extremely wanted upgraded “Trade” page. As planned, the launch of the new version will take place in three stages. For a smoother transition, we’ve made a decision to offer the possibility to switch between two tabs for a while – an old and a new ones. Please, share your experience of trading in a new interface and get pleasant surprises for the most useful comments and remarks

said CEO of EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange Sergey Zhdanov.

What’s new?

  • Three options for page layout.
  • Night mode in dark colors.
  • The possibility of changing the color theme. The transition to more familiar and common colors – green (growth / purchase) and red (reduction / sale) to make intuitive trading even easier.
  • Markets” block :
    • Option to sort by currency;
    • Option to create a personalized favorites list (“Favorites”). Now the feature is available for non-logged-in users.
    • Sorting by price change for the last 24 hours.
  • Block “Order books”:
    • three available viewing modes (both books vertically – a spread in the middle; a separate book for the purchase – a spread at the top; a separate book for sale – a spread at the bottom);
    • the spread displays the latest price and its dollar equivalent;
    • Background bars display the amount of liquidity at this price level.
  • Block “Open Positions / Trading History”:
    • Option to view all open positions / transactions in all currency pairs of the exchange in one interface – “Show other pairs”;
    • Option to cancel all open positions for all pairs (open positions to buy or sell) from a single interface;
    • The number of displayed orders in this section has been increased: for the current currency pairs – 30 positions; if the option “Show other pairs” is selected – the last 100.
  • Block “Placing Orders”:
    • Option to change the volume and price of an order using clicks with a specified step.


We hope that you admire our new “Trade” page exactly as we do. But we’d like to make sure. Please, share your experience of trading in a new interface. The most useful tips will be rewarded with pleasant prizes!

Let’s make our favorite exchange even better!