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New Analytics Section on EXMO: Unrealized All Time PnL

As promised, we continue to improve the analytics block on EXMO so that you are able to analyze your trading decisions and check how effective they are. Today, we have introduced a new section: Analytics of Unrealized PnL of your portfolio and your assets.

New Analytics Section on EXMO: Unrealized All Time PnL

An Unrealized All Time PnL is a comparison of the asset’s current value with its acquisition cost. It essentially means how much profit or loss you make if you sell all assets in your portfolio into the base currency (US dollar).

This section allows you to obtain up-to-date information in relation to all assets in your portfolio and inform you whether they are currently profitable or unprofitable. The analytics will provide a solid foundation for making informed trading decisions.

At EXMO, we strive to ensure that our clients receive the best user experience and have the opportunity to make informed decisions for profitable trading. Analytics module is one of the main trading tools. We believe that EXMO’s new analytical capabilities will bring many benefits to all traders.

Sergey Zhdanov,

Unrealized Profitability: The Basics

Although a small table represents unrealized PnL on the platform, there are numerous formulas and calculations behind it. We’ve analysed all of your trades, deposits and withdrawals to calculate the weighted average price of each asset in your portfolio since account creation.

Unrealized PnL

To calculate the ownership cost for each asset in your portfolio (weighted-average acquisition cost), all asset’s deposits and purchases in dollar equivalent at the time of the transactions are taken into account.

Withdrawals and sales of an asset do not affect the weighted average cost, since they only reduce the asset amount in your portfolio.

Portfolio’s All Time Unrealized PnL is an indicator that displays the total return of your portfolio. It is calculated by adding the returns on all assets you own in the dollar equivalent.

You can always find the section of Unrealized PnL in the Analytics block of your wallet. Unrealized PnL data is updated in real-time and takes into account all transactions in your account.

We are convinced that the implementation of the analytical block will help you to analyze and correct trading strategies more effectively, as well as help you to make informed decisions in the future.

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