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Personalized EX-CODES on EXMO

Today we will tell you about a personalized EX-CODE that will let you securely exchange funds with other EXMO users.

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EX-CODE is one of the most convenient tools for depositing and transferring fiat and cryptocurrency assets to other EXMO users, as well as outside the exchange space. Detailed information about the benefits of EX-CODE, commissions, as well as a step-by-step guide, is available here.

A personalized EX-CODE is a type of EX-CODE that is addressed directly to another user of the exchange. When creating a code, you can specify the recipient’s login, thus preventing possible fraudulent actions when the code gets to third parties.

personalized ex-code

It can only be activated by the user who created it and the recipient whose login was specified during creation.

Please note:

  • Personalized EX-CODES can only be addressed to EXMO users and cannot be used outside the exchange space.

  • Specifying the recipient’s username is optional when creating an EX-CODE. You can create a code without specifying a recipient.

  • If you accidentally indicated your username instead of the recipient’s, activate the EX-CODE on your account and create a new code.

  • If instead of entering a login you typed in an e-mail or a non-existent login, the system will not generate the code.

  • The functionality for generating a personalized EX-CODE is also available via API. Learn more

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