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EX-CODE: Important Update

EXMO team is continuously working on improving the platform and the user experience. As a result, new changes have affected EX-CODE.


EX-CODE is a tool for transferring cryptocurrency and fiat funds between users of the EXMO platform. This tool has also become widely used in online currency exchange services, as it can be easily used to transfer monetary assets outside the exchange space.

The Update

As a rule, funds via EX-CODE are credited within 30 seconds. However, to improve security and protect users from possible fraudulent activities,  we have introduced a selective additional verification procedure for EX-CODE.

In case of a check, the user will see the corresponding message, and the EX-CODE money will be credited after passing verification. If EX-CODE does not need additional analysis, the amount will be credited within 30 seconds.

What it looks like

If EX-CODE gets checked, the user will receive a message: “XXX XXX EX-CODE has been successfully uploaded and is currently under review.”

EX-CODE: Important Update

A new parameter has been added to the API as well: “Reviewing”

Reviewing = ‘true’ – if EX-CODE was uploaded and is being verified.

EX-CODE: Important Update

To check the fact of crediting or rejecting the money, you will have to view the history of deposits.

API work in detail: EXMO API.