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Important Update: EX-CODE becomes unavailable for uncertified exchanges and gives way to EXMO Gift Card!

Starting from 01st, October, 2020, UTC+3, the EXMO exchange will disable the function of creating EX-CODE in fiat for non-certified online currency exchange resources. EXMO Gift Card will take place EX-CODE.

EX-CODE & EXMO Gift Card

Due to recent updates in EX-CODE operations, starting from 01st October, 2020, the option of generating an EX-CODE on EXMO will be disabled for all users.

Instead of EX-CODE, we have developed a new option, namely, EXMO Gift Card. Only certified exchange services will be able to create EXMO Gift Cards in fiat currencies. The changes will come into force at 00:00 01.10 UTC +3.

List of certified exchange services (the list is regularly updated):

Features EXMO Gift Card:

  • For cryptocurrencies: users will have the option to generate, as well as activate an EXMO Gift Card. This option will still allow users to move cryptocurrency assets between EXMO users instantly and without using blockchain.
  • For fiat currencies: users only have the option to activate an EXMO Gift Card. The ability to issue Gift Cards to users will be provided to certified exchange services after a thorough review of their activities.

Technically, an EXMO Gift Card is the same “code”, a set of symbols or “scratch card” to top up your balance on the EXMO exchange or you can use it as a gift to a friend.

Certification of Exchange Services

The exchange service status will allow to generate new EXMO Gift Cards in fiat currencies both via the Web interface and API. However, such accounts will have no option to activate EXMO Gift Cards in fiat currencies (except for the activation of their own EXMO Gift Cards).

For certification as an exchange service it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • To have your EXMO account verified.
  • Provide information on the exchange platforms where the EXMO Gift Cards will be used, sold or other purposes.
  • Provide information about available withdrawal options of the exchange service.
  • If you are a legal entity, you need to provide your data relevant to your legal entity.
  • What information about users is collected by the exchange, details of limits on the exchange etc.

Certification of exchange centers is currently open. For this purpose, exchange services must create a ticket with a corresponding request via EXMO Technical Support or by emailing: [email protected].

To ensure the safety of your funds, make sure to only use certificated exchange platforms!