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EXMO API: Update v.1.1

We believe that quarantine is not a reason to stay inactive. Over the past month, the EXMO team has implemented many positive updates; one of the most important is the new API version.

API банер

The API documentation is now maintained and updated through Postman. Postman is the most convenient and popular API service, a scalable testing tool that quickly integrates into the CI/CD pipeline.

Not only was the documentation updated, but also the API itself. We developed version 1.1, as well as versioning itself. Now, with each update, a new version of the API will be released, making it easier for users to keep track of innovations. The following outlines what was added in the current version.

Added OHLCV candlesticks

OHLCV is the Open High Low Close Volume standard that describes our charts. Now each user can download the data of any candlesticks on EXMO and use it in their software or develop and test their own bots and trading strategies on real historic data.

Added stop orders

Stop order is a type of pending exchange order to automatically complete the transaction for the sale or purchase of an asset (for a given amount of an asset) when the market price reaches a predetermined threshold value (Stop Prices) in order to hedge exchange rate risks in case of negative exchange rate movements.

Previously, stop orders were unavailable through API.

Added transaction fee parameters

Transaction fee parameters are added to the pair_settings, order_trades, and user_trades (for both Maker and Taker).

Added new parameter to operations with EX-CODE

Added new parameter “Reviewing” to the excode_load method.

  • Reviewing = ‘true’ – if EX-CODE is uploaded but is currently under review*
  • Reviewing = ‘false’ – if the reviewing is not needed and the payment was successful

*To check the fact of the accrual of the amount when the status is Reviewing = ‘true’, it is necessary to execute a query on the transaction history (wallet_history).

Added parameter “price_precision”

Parameter “price_precision” was added to the pair_settings method. It tells the user how many decimal places can be used in the price when placing an order. For example, if the “price_precision”: “2”; restriction is set to the pair, then the user will be able to set the price with only two decimal places (999.99). If they want to create an order with the price (999.99999), an error will be displayed:

Error 50381: More than 2 decimal places are not permitted for pair BTC_USD

Added wallet_operations method

Method wallet_operations allows users to download their trade history.