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EXMO’s rebranding overhaul: main updates

We have changed the logo, brand colours and design to make them better reflect EXMO’s identity. Check out our new style and see how crypto becomes uncreepy!

At EXMO, we have a vision of the world where crypto is in every wallet. Hassle-free. We want to achieve this by making crypto as simple and accessible to everyone as possible.

And we know that you already appreciate EXMO for offering user-friendly services and helpful support. Also for the opportunity to trade anywhere and anytime, closing deals in just a few taps.

But we don’t limit ourselves to previous achievements. We are looking forward to launching new exciting products. Already, you can get rid of change in your wallet by exchanging it for EXMO Coins. Very soon, you will be able to earn passive income from staking, and in the future even pay for your purchases with an EXMO crypto card! We are also expanding our presence in international markets with the opening of offices in Poland and Lithuania.

Such important changes required a rethinking of our corporate style, which has long needed a massive upgrade. So today we are introducing a new brand identity for EXMO with a completely new visual concept. We are launching a new logo, brand colours and design elements. Our key design principles are simplicity, boldness and a pinch of fun.

We have added liveliness and fun with bright and easy-to-read visuals. Illustrations are the core element in EXMO’s branding. They act as an accent and add emotion to the layout. We’ve also included more accents thanks to the updated colour palette.

But most importantly, we have changed our logo. Simple and easily recognisable, it represents the humanity of our brand. The logo stands out due to the wavy letter m which symbolises exchange rate charts and also resembles a spring that will launch you into the crypto world.

By giving the necessary push, we want to provide you with the most comfortable crypto journey. From the first steps of creating an account to closing your trades. On this path, we are ready to teach and prompt. Provide maximum opportunities by launching new services and improving existing products. And also keep track of trends so you can always stay abreast of the main market changes.

Uncreepy crypto. Buy, sell, hold crypto. Just like that. And we will support you at every stage.

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