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3 years of EXMO Coin smart contract: unique EXM burn and top updates

A smart contract for EXMO Coin was created on 5th July 2019. To mark this event, we have planned important product updates for our traders.

On 5th July 2022, we conducted the largest EXM burning event in history, both in US dollar terms and the amount of EXM burned.

A total of 150,617,834 EXM were burned, of which 150 million were unlocked EXM, while the rest were tokens received from EXMO Premium Cashback sales.

Following burning, the total supply of EXMO Coins decreased to 220.3 million tokens.

Burn event EXM burned EXM price in BTC* EXM price in USDT* USD value*
Q2 2022 150,617,834 0.00000114 0.0249092 3,304,891
Q1 2022 501,963 0.00000064 0.0298 15,132
Q4 2021 599,300 0.00000106 0.04949992 29,167
Q3 2021 306,761 0.00000155 0.069 21,331
Q2 2021 647,354 0.00000277 0.096 58,262
Q1 2021 3,971,092 0.00000159 0.093 369,311
Additional burn 100,000,000 0.00000023 0.01136 1,136,000
Q4 2021 2,217,047 0.000000113 0.0037 8,203
Q3 2020 2,951,875 0.00000032 0.00425 12,545
Q2 2020 2,092,034 0.00000031 0.00256 5,355
Q1 2020 954,160 0.00000036 0.00247 2,356

*at the time of burning

This month, we have also planned several important product releases, including staking and the function of crypto dust conversion to EXM.

Discover EXM benefits with an updated White paper

Take a look at the new version of EXMO Coin’s White paper. Check out the new features of our native token and don’t forget to keep track of EXMO Coin’s performance!

Go to the White paper

Earn passive income with EXMO staking

You will be able to earn extra money on EXMO with the help of staking very soon. In addition to popular cryptocurrencies, you will also be able to stake EXMO Coin (EXM) and receive even more rewards. The new feature will become available within the next few weeks.

According to our White paper, for the first time today, we have unlocked ⅙ of 1 billion locked EXM. Of the 166.6 million EXM unlocked, 150 million were burned. The remaining 16.6 million tokens will be transferred to EXM’s “staking fund”.

While we work on the final touches before release, you can become acquainted with the conditions of coin placement and choose the most optimal EXMO Staking package.

More about EXMO Staking

Exchange dust to EXM

This month, we also plan to launch the Crypto Dust Conversion feature. This will allow traders to convert small leftover token balances to EXMO Coin in one click.

Pay for purchases with EXMO crypto card

We have another great surprise for you – EXMO crypto card! It will be tied to your EXMO wallet, allowing you to pay with crypto everywhere – as easily as with a regular bank card. Apple Pay and Google Pay users will also be able to pay for goods and services using their smartphones.

Moreover, EXM holders will receive a discount on transactions and the opportunity to receive cashback for purchases. We will inform you about the exact date of EXMO card’s launch soon.

But this is not all! More good news and surprises await you. Follow our news to stay up to date with new product updates.