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Clear crypto dust: how to profit by converting small balances to EXM

Recently, we released a crypto dust conversion feature that allows you to easily exchange small balances in your wallet into EXMO Coin (EXM). Find out how to use and benefit from it.

Did you know that after each transaction, no matter if you buy, sell or send assets, there’s still a small amount left in your wallet? It’s so tiny that it’s not even enough to be used for trading or withdrawal. Because of this, it’s called crypto dust.

Why crypto dust converter is a cool feature

According to our data, over 150,000 traders are left with balances less than the order limits. To make them useful, we created a feature that sums up leftover assets in your wallet and converts them into EXMO Coin. Because what’s the point of keeping unusable coins if you can still profit from them?

Convert crypto dust

How to convert small balances into EXM

Besides crypto coins, you can also convert leftover fiats into EXMO Coin. It’s really cool, isn’t it? You can exchange any crypto or fiat asset on your balance that is listed on with a value no greater than $5. To do this, you need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the “Wallet” section and click on the “Convert small balances to EXM” button.
  2. Select one or several assets for conversion by selecting the checkmark next to each of them and then click on the “Convert to EXM” button.

That’s all! Your dust will be successfully converted to EXM. Tokens will be credited to your account instantly. Keep in mind that you can convert small balances to EXM once within a 12-hour period.

How to benefit from EXM

Converted EXMO Coins can be used as usual crypto. There are a few cool options for you:

  • Trade EXMO Coin for other assets. You can sell EXM and receive BTC, ETH, USDT or USD.
  • Make your trades more efficient. Buy EXMO Premium packages to receive up to 100% discount on your trading fees. To get guaranteed discounts, spending an EXM equivalent of only $1 is enough.
  • Don’t hold it, Earn with it. Yes, you can keep your tokens in your wallet and wait until their rate goes up, but isn’t it better to start an Earn subscription and receive regular yield? Use EXMO Coin and maximise your rewards with our special packages.
  • Buy EXMO Gift Cards. Treat your friends and loved ones with useful crypto gifts. Generate an EXMO Gift Card in a few easy steps and send it to anyone you like.
Get rid of change that can’t be spent. Clear your wallet of leftover assets now!

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