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EXMO Coin’s 2nd anniversary: top facts and festive activities

In celebration of EXM’s birthday, we take a closer look at EXMO’s native token, its advantages, as well as its role in the crypto portfolio.

At its core, EXMO Coin (EXM) is a popular business model implemented by many crypto exchanges to allow traders to receive bonuses and benefits for using exchange tools and, at the same time, also boost their confidence and offer safety for their investments.

EXMO Coin is EXMO’s native utility token that fully complies with international security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

Top facts about EXMO Coin

  • July 2019 – a smart contract for EXMO Coin was created
  • November 2019 – the first open market EXM transaction was made
  • February 2020 – EXM was listed on the HitBTC exchange
  • April 2021 – EXM hit an all-time high of 0.105 USDT
  • November 2021 – since the beginning of the year, EXMO Coin’s ROI has exceeded 1600%
  • November 2021 – more than 48,000 Premium Cashback packages were sold
  • November 2021 – EXM entered the top 10 fastest growing exchange tokens

How EXM’s price is determined

Every quarter, the EXMO team goes through a process where it burns EXM received from Premium Cashback sales. The idea behind these burns is to reduce EXM supply by as much as 50%.

Each burning event reduces the number of tokens in circulation, thus reducing their supply. Therefore, the token’s price rises even when demand remains unchanged. The issuance of additional EXM coins is impossible.

Burn event EXM burned EXM price in BTC* EXM price in USDT* USD value*
Q3 2021 306,761 0.00000155 0.069 $21,331
Q2 2021 647,354 0.00000277 0.096 58,262
Q1 2021 3,971,092 0.00000159 0.093 369,311
Additional burn 100,000,000 0.00000023 0.01136 1,136,000
Q4 2021 2,217,047 0.000000113 0.0037 8,203
Q3 2020 2,951,875 0.00000032 0.00425 12,545
Q2 2020 2,092,034 0.00000031 0.00256 5,355
Q1 2020 954,160 0.00000036 0.00247 2,356

*at the time of burning

EXMO Coin’s features and benefits

EXMO Coin provides several advantages to its owners and is suitable for both trading and holding.

EXM’s trading volume from the beginning of 2021 until October exceeded $215 million – almost a 14 times increase compared with the previous year.

ЕХМ to reduce fees

One of the main EXM’s advantages is that it reduces service prices for traders, including crypto trading fees. Therefore, EXMO Coin holders get the opportunity to buy a Premium Cashback package that reduces fees by up to 100%.

ЕХМ for trading

According to Cryptorank, EXM’s 30-day volatility stood at 8.82% as of 2nd November 2021. This makes EXM tokens perfect for active trading.

EXM is also a perfect portfolio diversification tool thanks to its low correlation with major cryptocurrencies. The chart below shows EXM price growth amid the June market correction. This month, EXMO Coin has shown a moderate negative correlation of 0.55-0.65 with most other altcoins.

EXM rates
EXM price growth amid the June market correction. Source:

ЕХМ for holding

EXMO Coins are good for holding since the tokenomics model provides for an increase in token value in the long run. As of 31st October 2021, 42% of all EXM have been held for a long time – more than three months. More than 60% of EXMO Coins have been purchased after the June price correction.

EXM rates
Distribution of EXMO coins based on storage time on user accounts. Source:

  • From the day the first EXM transaction was made until 28th October 2021, the average EXMO Coin ROI is 30%
  • The maximum EXM return for an individual user is 3,729%
  • 64.4% of all EXM traders have a positive ROI, with 6% of them generating a return of more than 100%


EXM fun month: celebrating EXMO Coin’s birthday

These have been two active and fascinating years for our native token. To mark EXM’s anniversary, we have decided to add some surprises throughout November.

2021 EXM prize fest: unlock new achievements and win cool prizes

In celebration of EXM’s birthday, we have launched three new achievements: 2021 EXMfest pass, 2021 EXMfest VIP and 2021 EXMfest insider. At the end of the month, we will randomly select winners among all participants who unlock these achievements and give them awesome EXMO T-shirts or EXM tokens.

Participate in EXMO Coin birthday airdrop

On Monday, 22nd November 2021, we will take a snapshot of EXM balances and airdrop 40,000 EXM. We will give 200 EXM tokens to 200 random users holding at least 1,000 EXM in their accounts.

Additional ЕХМO Coins for the next quarterly burn

To make the next quarterly EXM burn even more efficient, we have decided to burn all EXM received as fees for EXM trading in November, along with other EXMO Сoins.

News about EXM fun month

Stay tuned since these are not the only activities and surprises that we have planned for this month! Join EXM fun month – celebrate EXMO Coin’s birthday with us!