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Updated EXMO mobile app

Among the most important recent updates is the ability to adjust the market view mode and a newly added private message section.


About a month ago, we added the new Achievements section, screen sharing capabilities, a referral program section, hidden balance capability and many more features. We continue working on the EXMO app to make it even better and more handy.

Message to other traders

The “More” tab has got a new “Private Messages” section. That’s where you can view important updates from EXMO and also communicate directly with other traders.

Head over to your inbox to see if you have any unread messages already. If you want to write a few words, simply tap on the pencil icon, enter the recipient’s login, subject and text and tap “Send”, located in the upper right corner.

Organise the list of your favorite cryptocurrencies

Adjusting the list of your favorites on the main screen has become much easier. Simply drag the selected cryptocurrency and drop it up or down the list.

Organise list

List or Tile: view the cryptocurrency market as you like

We know that traders are into all things visual, so we have added the ability to switch cryptocurrency market view on the main screen. To do this, go to the “Settings” section to the “Market View” tab, select “Tile Mode” to enjoy beautiful charts. If you like lists more, you can always switch back to them by going to Settings.

List or tile

Try the EXMO mobile app today

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