Back to News updates: new listings, revised trading fees with 0% Maker fees for all BTC orders

A more convenient transition to Pro Mode, listings of three cryptocurrencies, trading fee changes and 0% on Maker orders to buy/sell BTC – discover the main updates on our platform.

Pro mode

Buy and sell BTC using Maker orders with 0% fees until 23rd June 2023. Enjoy even more benefits by trading bitcoin on!

Starting 23rd May, you will pay a 0.2% fee for trading in pairs with USDT. We have also made changes to trading fee discounts for EXMO Premium packages. Keep this in mind when planning your trades on

In May, we listed three popular cryptocurrencies: SUI, PEPE and FLOKI. In addition to DOGE, you can now trade three other meme tokens on!

We’ve moved the Pro Mode for the Advanced trading page to a separate tab in the “Trade” menu, located at the top left corner of the screen. Now, switching to the pro-trading mode will be easier!

Trade on and don’t forget to follow our news so you don’t miss other important updates!