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EXMO and CryptoBazar joint meetup: successful trading strategies and profitable investments

On Friday, January 31 at 7 PM (Moscow), the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange and CryptoBazar are holding the first joint meetup dedicated to trading strategies and the general development trends of the cryptocurrency market.

EXMO & CryptoBazar

At the event, we will talk about the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, make forecasts for 2020, and consider successful trading strategies. As part of the event, there will be two panel discussions where we will discuss promising assets for investments and trading strategies that always work. Among the speakers of the event: Ivan Petukhovsky (EXMO), Maria Stankevich (EXMO), Oleg Ivanov (CryptoBazar), Alexander Melnis (Delta Trading), Evan Golovanov (Roobee project), Vadim Kireev (Sirius Invest), Mikhail Fatkin (FMG Group), Sergey Gurkin (Silverway) and others.

To join the event, please pre-register here.

Detailed information about the venue and the full line-up will be announced shortly.

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