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Contributing to CryptoCompare monthly reports: keep abreast of crypto market trends

EXMO supports the monthly reports published by CryptoCompare. The Exchange Review of July 2021 sheds light on market performance over the past month and outlines key development vectors.


At EXMO, we strive to stay on top of the industry trends and contribute to the global crypto adoption. Aiming to empower high-quality market data for sustainable industry development, we support the regular monthly reports published by CryptoCompare, the global leader in digital asset data.

The Exchange Review of July 2021

Exchange CryptoCompare
You can already get your copy of the July’s Exchange Review that focuses on the monthly trends in exchange volume and assesses exchanges based on spot 24-hour volume, derivatives volumes and pricing data. The report covers the following:

  • Exchange rankings by volume
  • Predominant fee types
  • Derivatives data
  • Derivative products
  • Fiat, bitcoin, stablecoin volumes

The review is available on the platform’s website for download.

Read the report

We have no doubt that the monthly reports published by CryptoСompare will provide you with market insights and help you make informed trading decisions. Stay tuned for the next Exchange Review to keep up with the latest market trends.