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Planned API Maintenance

The planned technical maintenance on setting up the API will start on April 24 at 18:00 UTC.

EXMO обновления

API will be unavailable for 2-4 hours due to the planned technical work will take place on the platform. Please consider this circumstance while planning trading operations.

Changes in EX-CODE API Work

Now, EX-CODE deposits will occur the same way as the payments via the provider, with a slight delay.

The balance parameter will be removed from the excode_load method in the response. An example of a response to a request excode_load:


“result”: true,

“error”: “”,

“task_id”: “467757”,

“amount”: “10”,

“currency”: “BTC”


An optional incoming login parameter will be added to the excode_create method. An example response of excode_create:


“result”: true,

“error”: “”,

“task_id”: “467757″,

“code”: “EX-CODE_9004_BTC7c3f8adc0b158658….“,

“amount”: “10″,

“currency”: “BTC”,

“login”: “test_user”,

“commission”: “0.00″,

“balances”: {

  “BTC”: 940.994,

  “USD”: 949.472