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Our holiday, your gifts: $2,000 giveaway for EXM holders

Today, we mark the anniversary of EXMO Coin as, on 21st November 2019, trading with our native token first started. Over three years, EXMers have made more than 12 million EXM trades. Let’s celebrate this!

EXMO Coin boasts a bunch of use cases. You can use it for trading and holding. You can reduce trading fees and even get rid of crypto dust on your balance with its help. It also allows you to earn on staking even when crypto prices are falling. You are able to trade EXMO Coin in four pairs on our exchange. And now, we want to give away $2,000 among EXM holders.

How to participate in our contest? πŸ€”

Starting 21st November 2022, simply buy at least 5,000 EXM and hold until the end of the contest.

How long do you need to hold tokens? 🧭

Until 27th November 2022.

The more EXM on your balance, the bigger your prize, isn’t it? 🀩

Yes, among the top EXM holders, we will randomly give away cash gifts:

  • 10 traders will receive $100 for holding at least 30,000 EXM.
  • 10 traders – $50 for holding at least 15,000 EXM.
  • 10 traders – $25 for holding at least 5,000 EXM.

How many winners are there? πŸ‘€

31 traders will win prizes.

And who is this 31st one? 🧐

The biggest prize of $250 will go to the most active participant who holds EXM, stakes crypto and uses an EXMO Premium package.

The contest starts right away. To join, you simply need to πŸ‘‡


Get more bonuses with EXMO Coin

Reduced trading fees. You can purchase EXMO Premium packages with EXM to reduce trading fees to as low as 0%.

More profit from staking. To maximise passive crypto income, keep a certain amount of EXM on your balance or stake it. This way, you can increase your profit between 9% and 12% and even 17% per annum.

Cleaning up crypto dust. This year, we launched a crypto dust converter that allows you to clear leftover balances. Any asset worth less than $5 can now be easily exchanged for EXM.

Increased referral payouts. traders whose referrals trade EXM tokens on our exchange receive big payouts.

Airdrops. EXM holders can participate in’s partner airdrops and receive crypto for free!

Top facts about EXMO Coin

EXMO Coin (EXM) is our platform’s native token. It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

  • 02nd April 2021 – EXM hits an all-time high of 0.105 USDT.
  • Q1 2021 – EXMO Coin’s ROI exceeds 2,000%.
  • 2021 – EXM enters the top 10 fastest-growing exchange tokens, according to CryptoRank.
  • October 2022 – Monthly EXM trading volume on our exchange reaches almost $1 million. According to statistics, most EXM trades are carried out in pairs with BTC.
Celebrate EXM’s birthday with us!