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The New Listing and Contest – HeartBout is on EXMO

On the 7th of December the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added cryptocurrency HeartBout (HB) to its listing. Users of the platform are now able to trade in the most popular pair: HB/BTC.


Top-ups and withdrawals for these currency pairs are already available via the Wallet section.

And as long as we know how desperately the HB community was waiting for this listing, we are glad to announce an interesting contest for HB traders!
The winners (over 1000 people) will get 100 000 tokens and premium access to the platform.

There are 2 main rounds:

Round 1: Prepare for the battle
– Register in the HeartBout app.
– Trade on EXMO up to 30000 HB and more.
– 30000 HB is the minimum that allows to get participant code for the next round.
– Codes will be available on the after login with your nickname and special exchange hash account after the first round.
– The prizes will be ranged according to the trading volumes.

The prizes of the first round:
1-100 prizes will get 6 months of the premium account
101-500 prizes will get 3 months of the premium account
501-1000 prizes will get 1 month of the premium account
All other participants with the turnover over 30000 HB will get 1 week of the premium access to HB.

Round 2: The first contact
We will inform all the participants about the start of the second round in advance.
– Enter the code and get HB on your account in the app
– Participate and win the bouts. The more you win, the closer you to the winning the round.

The prizes of the second round:
Prize 1: 5 winners will get 5000 HB on the account + 3 more months of premium access
Prize 2: 50 winners will get 750 HB on the account + 2 more months of premium access
Prize 3: 100 winners will get 375 HB on the account + 1 more months of premium access

About HeartBout (HB):

HeartBout is a social network based on blockchain technology with a decentralized system to encourage user activity. The social network HeartBout was designed to convert the time spent on the network into income for its users, where they make a profit for their activity in the form of the HB token.
The HeartBout token (HB) is fundamental token of the HeartBout social network. The HB token is designed to encourage the HeartBout social network users` activity and is also directly linked to its advertising opportunities, namely, allows you to pay for advertising impressions.

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Best regards, EXMO team