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Hacken (HAI) Won the EXMO Listing Vote

On August 21st, 2020, the third round of voting for being listed on EXMO ended. Thanks to all the project teams for their participation, and to everyone who voted and expressed an interest. Continue to read on for a  delightful surprise!

HAI won

It was an impressive round, Hacken and 4ARTechnologies teams allocated an excellent prize pool of 1 BTC, and you sent the maximum number of EXMO Coins in support of projects – 1,385,152 EXM!

The votes were distributed as follows:

  • HAI: EXM – 7388, Retweets – 362, Shares – 377
  • 4ART: EXM – 4070, Retweets – 120, Shares – 340

Congratulations to the Hacken team on their victory!

We will shortly announce the timing of the listing of the HAI token on EXMO.

Important: All EXM used for voting will be returned to exchange wallets by the end of the working week on 28/08/2020.


And now for a surprise: the 4ARTechnologies team took advantage of a direct listing on EXMO! You can now trade this interesting asset on your favourite exchange. Furthermore, ALL users who voted for the project using EXM, will share the prize pool of 0.5 BTC in the 4ART equivalent allocated by the team.

This is how the prize pool will be divided:

  • Users who voted for the winning project will receive HAI and 4ART tokens in their exchange wallet.
  • Users who voted for 4ART will receive only 4ART tokens.

Important: Tokens will be credited after we add assets to the EXMO listing. We will announce the exact dates of the listing shortly. 4ART tokens will be distributed among all users who voted using EXMO Coin, in proportion to the number of votes.

Summing Up

  • HAI token won the vote and will be added to the listing on EXMO shortly.
  • Token 4ART took the opportunity of the direct hit in the listing and will also be traded on the EXMO exchange soon.
  • The entire prize pool, 1 BTC, will be evenly distributed among all users who voted in the third round using EXM.

Very soon, we hope to announce the participants for the next round of voting for being listed on EXMO. Watch this space!

We also want to remind you that on August 27th, 2020, we will add the winner of the previous vote, Harmony (ONE), to the listing.